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How is Neopoet different?


We're now more workshop focused. 

We've stripped away all non-core features (not entirely by choice -- we suddenly accelerated our previous plans to upgrade our site, and not all features were available. We're also running now on early beta software, so the less features = the less to go wrong). 

The old concept of the stream is gone. All poems must now be submitted into a "workshop". A workshop is a session led by a workshop leader (more on how to become a workshop leader). A workshop typically has a particular subject, time commitment, and structure. For example, an experienced member might lead a one month workshop on haiku, and ask each contributor to write five poems during that period. The advantage of a workshop is that you are (almost) guaranteed a certain level of feedback on your poetry. In other words, you'll get about as much as you give.

To ease the transition, we've created a general workshop called (you guessed it) the "stream". The "stream" does not have any special requirements, however we ask that you try to submit only one poem a day, and that you try to write at least one detailed critique for each critique you receive.

What's next? A whole bunch of features to help you find and get matched up with workshops. And we'll bring back the old features one by one, such as the chat room, friends lists, profile themes, and so on. 

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