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Journal Entry - 11-05-2014

I have often wondered
what kind of serial killer I would be.
Would I be a psychopath,
a natural born killer
or a sociopath
a killer born of my surroundings?
Would it make a bit of difference
either way?

Who would I hunt?

How would I hunt them?

Would I seek out women who reminded me of Mother?
Or would I seek vengeance on children who were raised the same as I?
Maybe I would search out blonde, blue-eyed boys and snatch them;
raise them in cages until they obeyed my every command,
and then set them loose at the local mall to kill any and all they could.
Perhaps it would be beautiful brunettes because they used to laugh at me
or would I select husbands and boyfriends who beat their significant other?
What about families where I would violate the mother
and prop open the eyes of the husband and children to watch:
Then desconstruct them one drop of blood at a time?
How about long haired blondes that looked like my girlfriend;
the one who was killed in a horrific fire (set by me of course)?
Maybe I would slice and dice in a personal way
or maybe I would be tentative and barely stab them.
Ooh, ooh, how about a shot to the back of the head
execution style?
There's also a bath tub filled with acid
to rinse every drop of blood and marrow away.
So many choices,
so few bodies!!!

And who would hunt me?
1,000's of local law enforcement
state patrol and the FBI?
behavior analysts, puhleeeeease!!!
How would I escape?
Always stay one step ahead?
Would I be smart enough to keep the chase moving
or would they catch me and keep my victims alive?
Am I smart enough
to kill, stay in plain sight
and hide?
Will my killings
teach me how to thrive?

and certainly most important,
what would the media
call me?


you are a fan of Digit after all, if I read that right, then a few suggestions from you on his scribbling's from his diary would be nice lol
Good summary on where you may go not sure about it being poetry or prose though, Take care and watch your back as Digit is on the move again,
Yours J Sparrow

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thanks for stopping by. I must confess that I have not read much about Digit. I will try to be better. Have some time opening soon.



author comment

What an awesome reflection that just appealed to my inner serial killer. It is as if you have gone into the mind of a killer and pulled some of their initial thoughts out. Given that you are putting that much thought into who you would kill etc, I am going to say psychopathic since they are organized and methodical. But that is the inner psychoanalyst in me.....

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

Thank you for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it.


author comment

and no doubt a hero of the masses. Apart from the ones who don't like political/corporate assassins.

A great piece, mate.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

I am actually surprised that you are not, LOL. Thank you for the time.


author comment
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