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There is such a thing as a dumb question

how far into utter darkness can you see
are you seeing all the way to the distant infinite
or is sight shortened by a wall, mentally constructed

where is the center of your conscious being
navel, chest, between the eyes, the genitals
can you get there
or only name it

where do you experience thirst
the tongue, the throat,
or in the spontaneous thought "I am thirsty"

how do you mentalize colors
is blue to you the same as blue to me
maybe green is blue if I were you
and green is gray to someone else

does hearing your name called out
from within a crowd
startle you

note: I bet you too have a bunch of dumb questions that could added to this list
..........actually, these are more absurd than dumb. Dumb just sounded better in the title

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