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Stalwart Character

I believe people can change,
they just don't.

I haven't,
not in any way that really matters
to anyone,
or the world.

That goes for most,
and is a good thing.

We all can be picked apart for our quirks
and perceived flaws without too much damage,
but pulling the wrong thread
can lead to unintended consequences;

an unraveling of self.

So, to assure one's integrity,
it is up to each individual, and no one else,
to boldly, and courageously deflect
nit-pickers, badgerers, and do-gooders
(those who would pull on any loose thread
regardless of the consequence)
hoping to remold you in their own image.

And they will try.
And they won't stop coming; ever.
And if you succomb, then Pogo was right;

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."



well that dodgy old crust!

havent thought of him forever...Like Lil Abner...
when Comix were works of art...
so they pulled his threads in his threadbare
best to be moulded then mouldering
like a badger in his hole

In a world of selfies and sticks
the reflection of the deflection
Not since the spirit stealer box
(They never did get Crazy Horses
photo...Not even when they caught
him and shot him in the head in
the white mans fort that day!!)

what did happen to Pogo..a pretty
astute character!!

thank U!

blaming a swamp condition on his nasty writes...
never ever saying sorry...
I remember Pogo...
Pogo U could trust..he would never rat U out
tell Isis where U lived
or burn your countries flag in your face
If U dont like america go back to say
but dont land in Iran
where they might hang U for your ways..
Opps...damn time travel machine...
oh Much Quieter these days!

He was never full of hate but a wise manner
full of his southern philosophy
He loved his women and menfolk
with the ease of a true intellectual
U felt safe withe Pogo
where upon
U would not trust your shitbox
beater next to half the so called
friends who jam U under the
and in my Hood!
go back HOME traitors!!!


why the south shall always
be what it is..
Pogo was Ultra Cool!

...Thank U!

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