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Out Of Nowhere

a poem
out of nowhere
plopped at my feet

shall I pick it up?
is it mine?
like a shiney dime
I'm not sure what to do

it was not assembled
on a production line
too fine
one of a kind
impossible to industriate

what shall I do?

since no one is claiming it
I pick it up
dust it off
and hang it on the wall
(I think that's where one hides art)
hang it on the wall
until this is all straightened out

it is in my sole possession
but, does that now mean I can,
or even should, sign it?


i am not aware what inspired this write...though i may not be right..he way i perceived it could mean that more often than not one inspiration comes after witnessing an event...a experience...therefore "who should claim the ownership"?.. i liked the theme...

Mrry Christmas to you and your beloveds..

raj (sublime_ocean)

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