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BlueDemon77's blog

Hello. This week my selected topic is a relatively obscure poet as well as a contemporary. Here Name is Florence Anthony but she took the Japanese name for love, Ai. She had a career with eight published books, one of which, VICE, won the National Book award, She recieved an American book or award for SIN, and an Lamont Poetry award from the American Academy of Poets for KILLING FLOOR. She also recieved a Guggenheim Fellowship, A National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship and as late as 2009, she received a United States Ford Fellowship.

Improv Days Ron BlueDemon77

My Tuesday night chat is very informal. My hope is that participants would be ready to cut loose on some improvisational poetry written from a topic given by another member. It is a great excercise for quick thinking
and a fantastic gold mine of raw material for later work. Join me Tonight and every Tuesday night from 7-9 EST.
Hope to see you there! By the way, I realise there may be those who this format scares, due to not doing much improv work. Feel free to post a poem of your own or of a favorite poet. We want fun to be had by all here!!!!!


Thursday Selected Poetry Chat with Ron BlueDemon77

This chat is designed to be an open forum for sharing the poetry that influenced you the most. Of course, personal poetry is always welcome here as well. This next week I will be sharing work of one of my favorite relatively unknown poets, Ai. She taught at Arizona State for many years and won the Guggenheim fellowship as well as many other awards. Her honesty is striking and she spanned the gap from naturalist poetry to completely surreallistic poetry with an almost unnatural ease.

Improv nights with Ron BlueDemon77!!!!!!!

This chat is a very kind environment. While the subject is for spontaneous writing, participants are not required to 'fly without a net'. As a poet, I've found time and time again that improvs give me valid raw material that I could later shape into solid work. I invite you all to come by, chat, she what this nutty moderator has up his sleeve, and revel for a few hours in poetry, a subject that is ruled by passion, not finance. I promise to keep a very mellow room yet one that is still open enought to laughter and sharing amongst ourselves.

Show And Tell--------Intensive Critique Workshop

Show And Tell------- Intensive Critique Workshop

Starting February 26, 2013

Leaders: weirdelf and BlueDemon77

Moderator: weirdelf

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the poets who posted or commented in The Mindful Memorable Freeform Workshop. I wish to thank Jess (wierdelf) who co-lead with me and moderated the workshop for his valuable help. I was very pleased with the level and amount of work submitted and the open and in-depth forum for communications about submitted poetry. The members on the roster were:

I welcome you all to a chat from 8 PM to 11 PM (or after if needed). I have some games in mind and I expect to have fun talking and sharing. Please join me and we will trip the word fantastic. I look forward to sharing my passion for the written word with you all. Lets bask in the deep pool of the written word. Please join us 8/9/12 from 8 PM EST to 11 PM EST. We'll have a blast!


Blue Demon77

Hello NEO-POETS, Please join me in an open chat on this maligned day. My thought is this is a perfect opportunity to share a bit of our darkside that perhaps we do not show on a daily basis. The format is, 1.) you can write a five line improv, 2.) You can share an original work, or 3.) you can share a poem that haunt(s) or haunted you. It would be a time to let your darkside free for a few minutes. This has nothing to do with religion, more like a campfire ghost story session.

I look forward to meeting with you and sharing the different facets of the truth that have been made know to us. Don't get me wrong, this will not be monastic, it'll be like a party of words. The only thing I ask is that we do not openly disrespect each other and that words be considered with their gravitas. Words are words. I will note be offended by the use of a four letter word. I have a passion for poetry that I can't wait to share with you all. I'm shooting for a literary Ramones show. ; )

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