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Which one should I stick on here next?


I have written several poems very recently, many of the untitled (dates written = current title) and various themes. I did kind of have a request to avoid anything with a religious theme, but wasn't sure what to go with. If I list them by title, perhaps people could let me know which one most intrigues them enough to want to read further, and I can post that one. Here they are:
14-03-2018 (renamed: Appreciating Opera) Free Verse
22-03-2018 ("Beware the world beating a path to your door …) Free Verse
28-03-2018 ("There are days/When?I just feel/Like giving up …") Free Verse
Beetle Kill Free Verse
Burning Up Rhymed and metered
Death (originally written and lost in 1980.81; Intro rewritten from memory, rest brand new)
First Anacreontic Attempt
Ground Zero (written two or three days ago)
Mitchell's Metaphor: The Nuttier Variations (riffed off of Joni Mitchell's description of a poem being like a sunflower seed)
My Reply to Leonard Cohen (He wanted it darker; I want something else.)
Ramblin' Prosody (Loosely rhymed, and structured – takes the piss out of psychology)
The Brass Monkey's Pain
Untitled 1 (probably going to rename it" The Busy Man of Business or summat like that) Very loosely rhymed in very strange ways (Judging by some of the comments I've received over another poem, this one won't go down well for its theme, since I give the Businessman his due.)
Waiting for Spring (written last year round this time) Rhymed and metered

Hope I'm not stepping out of line or violating some rule by asking people to let me know which of these poems intrigues them enough to want to read them, so I can select which one to stick on here next.

Guessing the content based on only title is a tough ask. As per the norm you can post only 1 per 24 hours. Not sure how many would respond by naming their choice. Since there are a lot of probabilities it would be quite some time before you can zero in one the first poem. I therefore suggest that you post them as per your preference and see that the sequence of posting allows the readers to read different forms/types of your poetry.
Let's see what others say...

raj (sublime_ocean)

which you feel is your
best one
on which you want
some advice to improve

This is my sincere suggestion
No one will pick and chose
so your morale don't lose.

I just posted one I wrote last night and have been working on refining all morning (even while posting it). So, it is recent. I was thinking of submitting something to the Spring contest, since a I have a couple of recents based on this topic (shown in the list above). But I guess I shall have to wait til tomorrow! From what I have so far read, competition is going to be tough vis a vis this Spring Contest! There have been some lovely poems submitted so far, including one posted since yesterday.

author comment

I am an arrogant intolerant atheist. Other members are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or deeply spiritual in their own way. Don't let that affect what you post, just the feedback you might expect [grins].

The only mistake you have made since joining us was posting that chap-book. That was too big an ask.

Otherwise you have shown yourself to be a talented poet and generous in helping others.

Good on you, mate.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Your a nice guy Weirdelf , you have a good heart for instance you put my poem, In the Zone on Soundcloud, No one else bothered to help me at a time when I was feeling uneasy & sorts,
Magnetic is a key word that came across my frequenzy. Have a great day sir with lots of love.

Mario Vitale

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