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Website issue

I would like to lodge a feedback that everytime I Login via the newpoet main page, after I press the Log In button, the website would display a " The page can't be displayed message"

I'm using IE 11 and Google Chrome. Both face the same issue.

but at one time I was using IE and having problems,
it was advised I use Firefox, I downloaded it and use
it for Neopoet and a few other sites.

Have the same thing happening each time I leave a comment and I'm using Google chrome. Andrew has been notified but he's a busy guy. He'll get it fixed all in good time.......

i can see
ur not handling something properly
else how could u get this one
100 percent
may be pressing all wrong bottoms

hit return a few times and then forward again..
and it shows up.....there are always a kind of mechanical
issue with new machines..
they are as personal as a car you
have to baby to get running..
a jukebox that needs a whoomp to run your

our minds are not stopped at a mere puzzle
there are lateral thinking alternate moves
programs are machines...
physical stacking of information
running through a retreival

I figured it out on my machine
less then a few hours

it makes it human and challenging
our minds the animals
insects birds and biology that exists
on its miniscule level

thank you

Please carefully check the e-mail address you have on file with us -- when I try to send you an e-mail, it bounces.

You can update your e-mail address here:

I tried to click on the but it just did not work. Same problem again.
Anyway my email address is [deleted]


author comment

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please send me a screenshot and let me know the exact time this occurred. Thank you!

I have an old tower from 2007// now a pirate tower in regards.
barely works...laptop is more modern and works..
just needs power cord...
I got an adress...its [email protected] Im putting it public
here....any half assed hacker can find it these days:) barely get
much mail!!

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