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***ahem*** Now that I have your attention: ******Athena pokes Zeus with her spear*****

:-D There you go Paul - I know you've missed that!

We really need the chatroom back, Mount Olympus needs to be redecorated. Artemis are you with me?!?!?! ***Athena digs in the storage closet to find the Christmas decorations***

Now back to your regularly scheduled poems.......

excuse me , I thought you were calling all Clods............scribbler

That's ok - Clods are welcome too. ;-) hahaha lol

It is such a secret place, the land of tears. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

author comment

Chat is back up but people have got out of the habit so what we need people to do is log into chat and keep it open even if there is no-one there. Use other tabs or windows for your posting and critiquing, you will hear a bling when someone enters the room. As we re-build the chat culture we can start featuring hosted and theme chats again.

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