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The Way I See It

People tend to overlook
The beauty of sun
The fact of the matter is
Some people may never
See another one

It's more than just colours
In the sky
But more like the way
Angels fly

The sunset reminds me of
A pallet of paint
Not one is ever
Quite Acquaint

It could be as simple
As 2 colours mixed
Or all the colours in
The world at
My fingertips

The beauty of the
Sunset is one thing
I'll never pass by
Its peaceful
Just watching
The sky

Alligators in a Sewer

It was a seven footish prehistoric reptilian sewer fish.
Illegal it was, a greenish pet, tied in a cess of a pool with a dish.
He was no bish, but a huge bass-tard, held at bay for many a year.
Nobody knew, else they might sue, knowing the situation as queer.

Who am I?

Who am I/any of us in this Covid world?
Isolated, feeling like we're all alone;
Like our lives have had to be put on postpone?
Yeah, we can seek out our therapist, but what about the rest of the time?
I feel like I'm all out of rhyme
Who am I?

This is how I've been feeling as of late.

Curves and Paint and Rain

I can’t touch the curve of a rainbow,
or use its’ colors to paint
Who counts the drops in a downpour?

Don’t be silly!

But my heart is a stubborn thing sometimes,
and it thinks: “All you have to do is try.
The first thing you must do is reach.”

So, we painted stories without end
I felt the tender hues of your curves,
and I tossed aside my umbrella
as we began to count the rain


You remind me
of the smiles
the good mornings
the lip smacking
the noses rubbing

you remind me
of the tongues in cheeks
kisses by the tons

but that was long ago

now the mornings are dull
curtains pulled
no sun
son none
no darling
no smiles
no kisses

she says
hey make some coffee
I do

Just another heartbreak

You and me against the world,
Hearts bursting at the seams.
Now without you I wake to,
Broken promises and half forgotten dreams.
I feel hurt and lied to,
And yet you feel used by me?
With my love I tried to fill your emptiness.
And now you reject me so easily?

Why Gender Stereotypes are Bad

    I hate assumptions and stereotypes about gender. In my eyes, clothes don't have a gender, toys don't have a gender, makeup is not just for women, the color blue is not just for boys, women do not belong in the kitchen, and men can be stay at home dads. We as a society repeatedly say how gender stereotypes are bad and shouldn't exist, yet we continue to stereotype. I am proud to be a women because women are cool. I however hate the fact that women are stereotyped to belong in the kitchen, clean up the house, and take care of the kids.

Main Street

There is a gent named Pop who runs the barbershop.
He also play a zany tambourine.
For five bucks if you're brave, you'll get a real close shave,
then sit a spell out on the mezzanine
while Ricky's Quartet sings their tune at the Barbershop Fest in June.

I never saw the elk today
Stupid beasts they are
Why did it get in my way?
It went and wrecked my car

The animal dead and cooling
An awful crash, I hit my head
Now I'll have to be car-pooling
I'm glad that sumbitch is dead!

Oh shit... Don't tell me now
I've fallen in the locker
The door got shut on me somehow
Now I'm a dead mo'foker

I kicked and heaved a bit
Got me free at last
Now where the fock was I?
The time's gone by so fast

Wasn't, isn't, is

It wasn't me who hurt you, told you that you were no good,
It wasn't me who lied to you i doubt i ever could.
It wasn't me who deserted you when life fell on desperate times,
It wasn't me who introduced you to violence and petty crimes,
It wasn't me who spent every penny that you had,
It wasn't me who left you alone at night feeling sad.


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