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To eclipse this world, turn holy, sell out
to holy ideals, bind yourself to no morals,
Embellish in self made ones, quit never
Dejection is the permission
to live right now.

I walk the line walk the line

I walk the line between life and death
This apple's rotten, rotten to the core
Get up, get up, off your knees
Get down, get down, on your knees!
I walk the line
I walk the line
I walk the line
Between life and death
My business is a little ninjitsu
I trust so much I don't walk I merely stagger!
No you wouldn't accept & I don't blame you
No I don't blame ya!
I walk the line
I walk the line
I walk the line
I walk the line
Between life and death

Recent News Story... Random Challenge #3

Recent News Story...

A tiger roaming the streets
Has come to a satisfactory end
Not sure of how you would greet
a tiger, is he a friend?

Pursued and searched for, for a week
Afraid he'd attack on the prowl
Then people began to speak
Of the big cat who let out a growl

They tracked him down by the gossip
Took him under arrest
Told him they wanted no lip
And said it was for the best


Alone that’s all I really feel.
I can be in a room full of people and feel like I'm the only one there.
And if I do feel the presence of people
all I have to do is stare off into space.

Mom says she knows that stare,
the look of me trying to block out the world.
The stare that carries pure pain.
The stare where it looks as if I was debating my whole existence.
That one look that holds no emotion on my face.

Tale of a Boat and Titanic

Soothingly calm sea
boat sailing so free
sunset is smiling silently
setting at horizon distantly

I await my home
in coal black darkness
shining moon shows me its path

I sleep silently
my oarsman is alert
let there be no sinking
like one saw in Titanic

Captain should not weep
nor not know
how to control

''Yes women and children first''

Earth bound spirit

Purple sky with silver moon
I see smoke rising gently
from a smouldering fire

Nearby my angel
with silver wings

Dipping her toes
into a gentle stream
full of moonlight

I can smell the
incense burning

its fragrance fills the air
So overpowering
To send you into dreams

Stars light the way
In the darkening sky

Midnight promises
Voices heard as
whispers on the wind

Full of desires
Serpent smiles lure you

With Enchantment

Electric blue


He was returning from a scout
on a close late summer day
most of which had near run out
as the heat to cool gave way.

Turning into his long rutted drive
in his old pitted pick up truck
he wondered how long it would survive;
a few more years with any luck.

The bumpy way alerted him
to look around upon the world
with eyes aging though far from dim.
He saw late summer flowers had unfurled.

As of late.

I could wax on the wings of a butterfly - but,
I ain't that kinda o' guy.
rather kick the nuts off bastard squirrels
pull the wings off blue arsed fly.

I'm the stuff that flops off dog chops
when he's up fer it and high,
I'm a metaphor to drink s'more --

I'm the toe nail in the pie.


Why In This Ever Loving World

Why in this ever loving world
why should the phrase
"that was very sweet of you"
sound so condescending
when it was meant as a compliment
By an incredible gentleman

Could it be the way
I see myself
me thinks that it is

When will I see that everyone does not have
an ulterior motive?
Why can I not believe in me any more

I believe all that I have seen
and been through
has turned me against any suitor

Any Saturday Night

Any Saturday
And crazy takes its due
Life gets like those wild nights
Turning on the oddest of trysts
In the twilight
Darkness sighs its last testament
At dawn
Death whispers
Sweet denial
“Not now my love”
And as whispers do
It fades
Like a lovers promise
Leaving me alone to live this life


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