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IN HINDSIGHT (march contest)

The sun is well above the trees
on this late spring day
as we wade in mud near to our knees
in beaver ponds where wild bass play.

A cast made toward a fallen log
brings a swirl but it's a miss
on a bait which imitates a frog.
My brother laughs but it's all bliss.

The water is nearly chest deep
where he hooks on a nice bass
just as a breeze begins to sweep
the surface near some thick saw grass.


Another day draws near.
Again,I befall into the shadows
with heart-filled tears
alone in my shelter.

With curtains gaping,
the outside emanates,
as I build absence
from the outside fates.

Years of building routines
suddenly becoming undone.
Meanwhile my mind demeans,
filling my head with thoughts.

Thoughts become audible words,
transcending reverberating sounds,
echoing questions from my innards.
Bursting forth like an echo chamber

The Last Time I Had Ice Cream

The last time I had ice cream
I sat on a park bench
overlooking the canal,
reading poetry and remembering
our favorite flavors.

Yours, Neapolitan.
Zealous and diverse
swirls of color melting
into a bowl-like palette,
much like painting
with a spoon.

Mine, Pistachio.
The creamiest,
flavor imagined
with the most wonderful name -

I raised my eyes
to look over the water,
a small drop of luscious green
dissolved onto the page below.


When he said “ how smart, funny and
How cute your laugh is” i couldn’t help
But think about what they could have said after that
Was it something about my body i've wanted
A perfect body since i can remember but now
That i have something close to it i feel like
Thats all anyone wants me for
What about if after he said that he said and
Her fat ass too i want to be wanted but not for my body

The Last Time I had an Ice-Cream Cone

One recess long past, I thought I was slick
and offered a lass my Drumstick to lick.
I fast saw my mistake;
she gulped down her Shortcake
and made a shiv with her strawberry stick!

Let Your Heart Beat

Let your heart beat
as long as it does as its assignment
yes we have only one life to live
let's live
a life happily

as young age is one full of passion
be positive let your mind dictate
the waves of happiness
that both mind and heart need to take

both are totally independent
have intellectual 'minds' of their own

To Be

To be unattached
From the threads of
Yesterday and tomorrow.
To embrace music within
And dance in the cool air.
To close my eyes
And see a bright, open path.
To sit in silence
And listen to my heart.

To understand the Mourning Dove.


Do Not Resuscitate

Do not resuscitate
In the event that my heart stops
Let it happen
In the event that I stop breathing
Let it happen
In the event that I die
Do not take extreme measures
I don’t want them
Do not prolong the process
Let it happen
Don’t let machines be the only thing keeping me alive
When I’m gone
Let me go
I don’t wanna stay
Let my heart beat fade away
I’m tired
Pull the plug
I’m done fighting
Let me take my last breath
Let my heart beat its last


Spring Spring,
Is a beautiful thing,
Where flowers grow,
And the birds sing.

The Archaeologist

Our parent’s divorce was bitter
We were so young then
It left scars; some seem small now,
but they bled fear, unhappiness, and uncertainty at the time

Other injuries were deeper, and left marks that echo
through all of their children to this day
The times I recall our parents being happy together
are shrouded in the mists of fading memories now

Going through my mother’s things after she passed,
the saddest of all archaeology tasks,
I found an old leather purse, and a photo of them
when they were good for each other


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