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There is no act anyone can take,
to avoid confronting life, the day off
has left is far too gone, the chaos of
one’s past results in the present day
of stuttering private pain. Sticking to
the fiction of affirmation is an illusion.
Got a mind, got to use it, got a life,
better live it now. Not to forlorn anyone,
grow. Desperate still to be thyself.
So no, I don’t want any of your time if
it won’t go anywhere, no I don’t want
your number if you won’t pick up, no I
don’t want to open up if we won’t be


My love
We ride on the dust of the comet
On the crest of the Milky Way

We are lost inside ourselves
within the interlacing
of our souls

Somewhere through the
Intersection of time and space

Anti Therapy

Told my story, a thousand times,
About the demons and the pain that binds.
Talked so long it hurt my jaw,
Why am I alive and what am I dying for.
I'm hurting so much, I'm going insane,
Delusion & confusions really rot my brain.
To my mental anguish is there a cure
Or am I just someone to tolerate and endure?

Can you hear me, can you hear me?
I'm calling to you!
Nobody dare come near me!
And I don't know what to do!

If words could kill

Ready to
Take casualties

Welcome to my mind
Fasten your seatbelts
Time to show you
A wordsmith
Trained in the art
Of expression

My pen targets the page
Spills venom, line by line
Words turn into bullets
That penetrate the mind

Words are like the birds

Words are just like the birds.
They always flitter and fly
to ones ears
Then they
pick peck .
And try
to pry
an idea into
the world of why .

Random challenge 3, (children's poem)


In the shade of a Bongo Bongo tree
sits a leopard with no spots,
he's accompanied by his brothers three
who are peppered through with dot's,

The poor little chap is rather down
wondering why he's beigey brown
with not a spot or dot in sight
his future maybe -- not so bright,

Alas on the Serengeti plain
where spotted dotted leopard reign
a beigey brown,, no just won't do,,
looks much too much -- like a kangaroo, !!



Somewhere across seas and hills,
Amidst ruins and pain
Standing in heels
My prince and gain.

Catchy at glimpse, his smile screams heaven!
It fades the scars and sooth the hurt.
His arms, my safe haven
That, I no longer mind a hut.

Neither a book nor a fairy tale,
Yet godmother as fate granted a wish.
She set the pace and made a trail
While out path crossed as stitch.

Now, I and my knight in shining armor,
Glued as one are set to live forever in amore.


Do please give away those lovely eyes
which are a beauty so lovely
the gift I want from you only.
as you look into my eyes,
a wave of emotion does within me arise.

how I become so very eager to have your full view
wow wow can you ever even dream how much I'd love to see you.

your eyes give me a worldly mine,
in this world I’d also like to shine.
hope to someone you will someday
your eyes donate before you pass away.

but ere I go the world ought to know
those were my eyes they belonged to me


Stand still
Shut your sight
See through your mind
Meditate all through your past
In search of the lost moment
Look for that which was gone
While the breeze of the after rain
blows against your face
As you feel a life refreshing

Hold still
With your eyes closed
Sigh in a deep breath
Tell yourself the truth
About the theme of nature
Tell the difference
How much lessons have you learned?
Hurting people and been hurt?
Life is as plain as clean water


Some are widows, widowers
or stuck in marriages gone stale
others outlived all their friends
living in a world grown pale.

Most have faces lined by time
with hair of white or gone away.
They are there if one just looks
as they sit with little left to say.

Even when within a crowd
of people they purport to know
you'll notice that they don't say much
as they feel their isolation grow.


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