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Internal Combustion

Driving the old Mercury;
eight cylinders of relentless motion,
with windows down to the tempest
I feel every familiar mile on this highway

Searching my memory for a clue;
anything to explain the chasm of your absence
But I know that sometimes meaning, for us,
was a language we just could not master

The chrome-steel beast, unencumbered by doubt,
seeks only the next mile on the dark highway,
while I can’t tell a tear from the rain

Chilling Out With Robots... [Challenge]

We're chilling out with the robots
Mr. Spock and I are so cool
Sitting here and drinking weird shit
This damn stuff is making us drool

Too bad they can't do the mind-meld
And do secret communiques
But they have a feature we don't
Their eyes, containing death-rays

Cooling systems with a liquid
They live on electricity
They don't drink or eat anything
Just keep charging the batteries


Each of us has a single birth
and we have but one death
while we spin here on this earth
all trying to catch our breath.

My life is like an old book shelf
sagging with often read tales
each one just about myself
the few triumphs, all the fails.

Every single line of story
capped by those book ends of life
which contain but little glory
of a living all run rife.


I’m a cheese wedge head
made of bone and dry gizzards,
green and yellow.
I’m one big shiver
with a goon by my bed
whispering in my ear.
(I know you’re there)
get the fuck out of my hair
and my broken world,
where the sun even frowns
and I crack even more
until the front crack
meets the back crack
and I become a total whack
like my molester predecessor
ancestor Jack.


Sour apple acid burns
scorn pathways into tongues
blades tickling exposed skin
in unkept fields of carouseling imagination
leaves blow in the wind;
painting abstract masterpieces in the sky.
The bitterness of granny smith
sweetened now,
warmly baked into scrumptious pies.
You’re going,
when in traffic
I switch on.
Silence turns to songs of calm,
Like crickets rubbing a contagion
Abrasive and inviting,
A warm persona
Clothing the leprechauns

The Last Time I Had Ice-cream... [Challenge]

It was 'long about midnight
I was lying there in bed
There it was, just out of sight
But I heard it in my head

It was calling from the freezer
It was whispering my name
Saying; "Come and get me Geezer"
I succumbed, to my horror and shame

I filled the bowl with Black Cherry
It is my personal delight
I was ashamed... but not very
No one to see, in the dead of night

When the Curtain Falls

When the day washes into the sea
you dance all about
in the pastures of your mind
where twilight daisies are found
reaching for thoughts
of pirouettes
and spinning toy tops.

Do not awaken, love,
from lightless skies
but rather feel comfort
about your desire
of unfamiliar cravings.

Nighttime child frantic
turn and moan
from solitude into fire
runs barefoot innocence
frenzied, into unclarity
to sunshine for the night…

Snow White

Her poison apple wasn’t poison at all
In fact it was a boy standing six foot tall
Dark and mysterious seemingly sweet
It’s no surprise she would fall
So maybe he was a diamond in the mines
But apple or no apple
He was toxic
She died

I Have Seen A Scary Monster

I have seen a scary monster,
In my bed, and lying, lurking underneath.
A dark callous, creepy shadow,
With a broken soul and rotten teeth.

It hides amongst the shadows,
Trying so hard not to be seen,
It is a blacked out hellish nightmare,
The gruesome ghost of every garish dream.

You can look for it behind the wardrobe,
The kitchen sink and behind the loo,
And although you will never find it,
It's fiery eyes will still be watching you.


who is this girl that i see
in the broken mirror
with the sad eyes and sad lips
but the saddest part is
she still has hope
however many times she’s been hurt
she still believes
little does she know
it is not the mirror that is broken
the broken one
is her
- j


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