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Looking down at his bare, dirty feet
realizing he is really chaff in the winds of life,
with contexts blowing in the shifting winds of experience,
feeling like a squire at the knight’s stirrups,
while trudging up the rocky slopes out of the sad valley.

There is no substitute for this particular freeing
the moment that what was,
isn’t any more.
seeing that the old is gone.


robin in clean mud.
flap your wings, hungry sounds - choir
above remains dry.

Mutations of Living Ones is Evolution

Mutations of Living Ones is Evolution

....nothing else is ordained for bacteria like agents
but mutate day in day out
with folks different
their cultures must become inherent
in mutations followed by another one

life's ways are multi
not a single one
but evolution is the only alternate
to any existence

we today's products become sub and system of another
if I may add
experienced or intelligent generation
repeating the same pattern of act
for millennia to come

"- gleaning of the owl-"

Gimbal eyed and shrugged
at rooks caw and ravens croaked
shriven threaded dawn.


Here I sit and here I stare

Here I sit
and here I stare.
Watching the
clouds glide
across the air.
No more worries
no more cares .
Leaving my
soul to soar
up god's
golden stairs.


spring lady beetles
destroy soft, sap-filled aphids-
faultless peach roses

Missing Mama's Smile

Down by the riverside
Mama's spirit always resides

I see her in the forest
In the summer rain

I long for the valley so green
our walks were so serene

In a sky of midnight blue
Stars like sequins shine through

I reach up and touch the sky
Pick a star to hold in my hand

Transport me - take me to
that promised land

Mama's my angel
here on earth

I hear her whisper softly
on the sweet summers breeze

Unconditional love
hugs are all i need.

Electric blue


All it takes is one little sign to rapidly switch your mood
It takes one thought, one signal
Oh how so fragile you are
I enjoy breaking you into bits and pieces

Golden Pond...

Gold fish swim lazy
Still pools of deep dark water
Cherry blossoms bloom

Thoughts of Mary

It’s the sight of the bridges
When you’re tired
Of being so tired
You head toward a mire pyre
50 feet under
You’re for hire

One more day on the ground tossing trash
Lift this junk out of in this world
Garbage Man
She’s a fan
Little girl eating from a can
Call it a day
By tonight you’re washed away
Everyone is fired
Each one a sign I’m losing my mind


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