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After an audition I did see
everyone crying even me

Singing a song
for a dying daddy
he besides mommy
also weeping

Oh what a grave situation can it be
have you ever imagined
so let me see
I still here be

Battleship in Forty-three

My name,
Is Jeff McDougall,
I'm twenty-three,
Serving on a battleship,
In nineteen forty-three.

Although I'm not,
An Officer,
I am a seaman through and through,
Fighting the enemy,
In World war two.

As I lay,
On my bunk,
I wonder about my family,
In the fields and streets,
Back home.

Are they playing,
Baseball games,
While I hear the cannons roar,
Or gone fishing,
As I hear the battle roar.

The Second Coming

They line their lawn chairs
next to one another,
polarized shades cover their eyes,
a drink in one hand,
a pennant in the other.

Facing East,
a sunbeam blinds them
as they anticipate
the Risen Savior.


Loneliness Warms

So many run to see
how loneliness is really
enjoyed by some
you are not alone
just one

let the sands
in the desert make you feel
like an oasis
when poets- like shall come
awaken their inner emotions
with your magnetic vibrations

all said and done
cliche number one
in my this only poem

we all are like camels
in a lonely desert
not only you
we are in addition


I walked into an ancient, English pub
As a rosy faced maid knelt down to scrub
Where sailors sat around mahogany tables
Drinking brownish ale, and telling Saxon fables;
The scent of mignonette mixed with thyme
Descended from holly and mistletoe.
As I reclined in a booth weaving my rhyme,
I dreamt of a square where a stream did flow.
And in the beer scented thick of the drunken din,
I saw a princess with flowers in her hand
Kneel beside a shrine, as sunlight graced the land.
And lo and behold, that same sun shone in


I sigh and wipe the sweat away
from all the miles I've walked
and all the people good and bad
that I've met along the way.

I see I'm far up this last hill
so I pause to look around
to soak in all I see and hear
and perhaps how I might feel

I turn to see the trail I've taken
its many forks lost in time's mists
leaving just the path I took
and it fades as each step is taken.


I post
they all say
nothing about my post
why delay reading

Some message
meaning ye go
is it

silly be narcissists
I feel
In neo
have we become so
tell me
I will vanish...
82 I Be


Why do you do this to me
Come back into my life and tear me down
You're like a drug I can't get off of
Why do you do this to me
Come back and mess with my mind
Until I can't think straight
Why do you do this to me
Come back and make me feel special
I'm not special to you
So why do you do this to me
Because you want to play with me like I'm your little toy
Well I'm not your little toy anymore
When you come back I'll be there waiting to tear you down

Good Morning

Wiping the sleep from your eyes
in your beautiful way,
breathtaking, really

It helps me see the extraordinary
hidden between the sameness
of ordinary days

Original Version (by request)

Good Morning

Wiping the sleep from your eyes
with an inexplicable grace;
in your beautiful way, breathtaking, really

I see the extraordinary
hidden between the sameness
of ordinary days

Gone as a wisp of air

Frantically searching for month after month
giving up hope of ever finding you
how does one deal with being a forgotten dream
only solution is to move on
move on yes to what end

After months of searching
all hope became lost
vanished ,just vanished
like a wisp of wind or a puff of smoke

Move on ,yes move on
go forward
and this was done
finding one that loved for the sake of love
loved for the sake of hearth and home


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