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Too good to be true

Told we can live our lives with dignity
And freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression
But we are involved in a scheme of malignity
A scheme that no one dares to question

How could they have devised such a perfect mass murderer
Frightened and intimidated fools they've turned us into
Deceived into voluntarily getting killed by the slaughterer
Turns out the vaccine was too good to be true

WIND DANCER (season of spring contest)

Wind Dancer

A bright poplar leaf
dancing on a cool light wind
to join its fellows

Just in case : Adieu

Can't properly access Sent message to Paul and stan
sorry no shouting gee sos can you help restore my PW tnx

Where Are Those Mormons When you Need Them?...

I've fallen and I can't get up!
I think it's the result of a massage gone wrong
The newest Typo Maniac Anonymous Magazine
Fell with me, but even that sucks
Because my glasses are on the table!

No one will come looking for me
Until Tuesday, so here I am waiting
The kids are all at grandma's
While my cell-phone is upstairs on charge
Damn these three day weekends!

What A Maddening World

This world is a maddening place
we all have to our senses trace
No one knows
whats in another s mind
that does always surface
Yes this world is the only place
where one can heaven and earth trace

there is no heaven at any other place
nor you can your belief replace

Believe me come face to face
Your eyes can my eyes then deeply trace
else forsake friendships
for your own sake
my life is not at stake

Dawns early light

Here I sit and here I stare .
My arms are weak
and my legs are bare.
My body shakes off
any feeling or care .
As it is numbed
by the folly
frigid air.
Snowflakes fall
upon my face
fully freezing
It into place .
My mind
is going
into the light .
For it has given
up on the fight .
my world now
fades into white .
Giving birth to
dawns early light .

Calling all Angels

I call the angels
But they do not hear

They know of my sorrow's
They know of my fears

I am sure that they do, see my tears...

Calling all angels
all lines are engaged

There is no answer phone
I cannot even page....

This long distance call
to so high up above

There is no recall
to the one i love....

Calling all angels
I beg of you please

Cannot you see me
on bended knee...

Calling all angels
hear the clock chime

Abide With Me

Well I Would say
kindness always pays

Spine Should Forever Stay Straight
Never Supine

'Twill Then With Life BE Superfine
Poetry IN Itself IS A Gold Mine

Divine In Different Eyes OF Mine
Am Unique YOU Know NOT ME

A Light IN THE Darkness
for Sullen Human Beings

A Spark OF Fire FOR THE Dying
LET ME Stand Upon MY OWN TWO Feet

I Have Since Centuries
Abides with me
does my Poetry

Killer and The Storm Within...

The wind beat raindrops into spears
and threw them at his face
Caught by his dour expression
they ran down creases in a race

He found shelter in a darkened cave
soon had a fire going bright
Threw back his hood and stood
looking out at the stormy night

Steam rose from his sodden cloak
but he shivered still
The darkness held him closely
sucking at his will

Thoughts and emotions came swirling
he heard a wolf's mournful cry
His lonely heart showed memories
in the place behind his eye


gimbaled, wide eyes blink

shiver, yawn - ruffle brown drape

morning turns grimace


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