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Saturday Night No Fever (COVID No 2 )

The spikes in my inner skin
today do sting
like sharply pointed
nine pins

the week end is going to be dry
Saturday and Sundays
all everything closed
no surprise

what to try

where in the garbage
can we ourselves repose
early morning we all rose

the sun keen to peep in
but scratching inside doors
kept me sighing

the clouds requested the sun
to wait
the poet now sleeps
I hear the silence

get up straight
pull the curtains

come my sun

Naked Fire Bushes

On this overstuffed chair I sit
One last tone sings through my head
Last note of The Jump
Basie, live From Birdland
Quiet is noticeable

What a sorry sort of bird
So I thought when one surfaced
Out of nowhere at my window
Ferocious flutters
(why can’t I get past this)
Can’t understand glass

Hummingbird borrowed identity;
Lands on my dilapidated sill
Lost in Late March, just like me
The season for weary minds


ITS a very sunny day
Why not come and play
Let's make hay
what do you all say

Silence disturbs
wonder the world is caught
in some kinda

Canadian Proud

The maple leaf it do fly,
Waving happily,
On a pole so high.

As the red and white flies,
I reflect,
Of what this country,
Do the best.

In unison we do sing,
Our national anthem,
Like song birds,
In the spring.

We are like the beaver,
So noble and grand,
Building a country,
While saving the land.

The noble moose,
So sturdy and strong,
Protecting the forest,
With a watchful eye on all.

Along the Levee

There is often a vague sadness
that emanates from the boats
in the ramshackle marina

The boats, aground at low tide,
bereft of their purpose,
wait for their meaning to return

Later, afloat once again,
they’ve made their peace
with the return of the water

Daddy don't cry for me......An emotional audition

I just saw an audition
the girl had to sing a song
for her 'dying' dad
who was
present in the audience
along with her mom

even the four judges cried
a poet must have the vibes
of being calm and silent
but the audience
should shed tears

weep loud enough
for the softest ears

then sing a chorus
what ever will be
will be
what ever will be
oh daddy don't cry

she won the emotion
now you try singing one

This one lovely day

When a crisp wind blows through the blue
and flings my hair up to kiss my face
it brings the smell of salt, and a faint memory too
the ocean sprayed its tangy taste
but its smell was syrupy sweet
I had laid my head on my beautiful boy
smelling his sweaty scent
though it was brackish it was somehow comforting
just like the ocean's breeze
I ran my hand through his luscious hair
bringing wondrous and curious scents
There was the slight smell of the juiciest oranges
and a grimy wift of dirt


although you have heard it so many times
and know by now the stupid lines
"its worth it" "its fine"
those words mean nothing
you haven't lived yet please come with me
and see how beautiful life can be
even just for now or forever more
you don't have to shut the door
your not alone
even if not shown
others struggle too
its not just you
although you may have finished school
grown an extra 2 foot tall
seen the blossom on the trees
felt the ocean hug your knees

Self punishment

See there's this girl
yeah shes my friend
In fact shes my sister
that's till the end

But the ends coming fast
because shes very stressed
shes stressed
shes stressed
about whats coming next

She cuts through her skin
with blades and with pins
so will someone please help her
before the devil wins


A spider, small and black
crawls across the arm
of my white rocker.
I rise to follow it
through the weaving wicker,
down the leg, then along the rail.

It finds a crack
in the patio brick,
disappears beneath
twigs and dust and

I sit again and watch
two Mallards
asleep in the grass,
the rhythm of my rocker
fluent once more.



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