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Psapfo 9

O Kypris slow
The night between us

For Love's vision
Has journeyed so far

Place your lips
To every cavern of my body

Let the rites burn
O Lady turn back the sun

With your
Unearthly beauty

If my beloved must remain
In Afroditi's shade

Let her shadow then come
To drink from my vineyard


Blue eyes blink open
across tattering gray sky
to watch storm depart

say sorry to her for me

My pace is fastest and resistant on its high heels for The Harlet.
her gender wrote a story for a spell.

The cast member put a number against her body from hell to back as a mother.
She was a steady gun.

A black looker with a spot on sniper to killing her neanderthal pilot who was delayed on - his arrival time to the rightful life he promised her

She left where the one way out was bitter. Loving him was quiet; before a whisper once said to get on your mother-ship and live inside it.


Some Ghosts in the past deserve not to be forgiven,
Times and crimes won't ever be re written.
Don't even give them a skeptical second chance,
Whether it be in a rotten friendship or a toxic romance.


People won’t remember
the things they say
the actions done
that they’re hidin’.

People won’t remember
the injustices started
the overwhelming problems
created by that uncaring family.

It’s the moth caught
by the spider,
there is the deer
choked by the catamount.

You’re slippin’ on the ice
losing balance walking in the mud
scratching for a handhold
while falling down the cliff.

Which am I...~~~By Lovedly please me

Doctor Jekyll~~~ Mr Hyde
two in one body reside
one for day as doc
the other for night
knock knock

believe me I am the real
Rosy me

Now I'm done
Someone help me
who am I can you tell me
a sole imagery in eternity
or infinity
least of all in oblivion

if this poem gets posted
as from Lovedly
I am then the real one
Loved /Lovedly
ROSE flower one

Your eyes of blue

Your eyes
wetted like the
morning dew.
Bathes in the
bashful beams
of blue.
Everything seems
to disappear
from my view.
Leaving only
me and my
love for you .

Corona Carina (fictitious)

She was part of a graph
read her short epitaph
She had died on the first of May

She was just a blue dot
of some ink that was shot
from the hole of a printer array

the disease was a hoax
to the gullible folks
reassured by the man everyday

though the man was a slacker,
a fat tally-whacker
She supported his perilous way

if She'd just worn a mask
to the rally as asked
She just might have been with us today.


Sometimes I think of good old days
but were they really all that good?
Or are they brightened by time's glaze
as I squint beneath memories' hood?

But that past can not be cured
nor brought back to anyone
just recollections old and blurred.
Like leaves they all turn slowly dun.

Let me share a secret my friend
the future has an ending point
and we all come to that end
like the snap of a breaking joint.



We ventured out in the gray of night,
On amber furrows beneath the linden trees,
Where the breeze caressed you're naked knees,
Smooth as a stream, kissed by the moonlight.
The fountains which sobbed in the marble square
Bequeathed to the brisk, aromatic air
A somnolence of grace, repose and song,
As me worshiped you're black and braided hair,
Which sighed to the stars, mellifluous and long.

John Lars Zwerenz


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