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POWER'S PERFUME(April contest)

As I approach the deep wide river
I catch the whiff of ruin and rot
an old stench, as it were
of some death too long forgot.

Then upon reaching river's bank
a steady breeze from the far side
brings the smell both rich and rank,
an odor cherry blooms can't hide.

I struggle as I cross on over
the stink like a wall that I can't scale.
Although I'm walking in lush clover
I must force myself to inhale.


In the still, sanguine peak
Of an Autumn sunset
When russet, meek
Wilting reeds are wet,
Cold, silver stars of the nascent night
Gleam upon the graves
Like the glitter of billowy, cryptic waves.
Now and then, here and there,
Black bats dart
In the thick, dead air;
With their burial shrouds gleaming bright,
Phantoms depart
From their caskets in the moonlight.
Assembling in a mass,
They pace upon the amber grass,
Passing out of sight,
Delivered from their purgative plight.

Ralph and Alice

I really loved that show
It probably wouldn't fly today,
but he really loved her, you could tell,
between all the laughs

She knew who she married,
never once set foot on the moon,
and they lived happily ever after
in old black and white New York

Family fraud

You were always shouting out,
About the things you dream about,
Climbing up the financial ladder,
How you got there didn't matter.
House was full of the latest craze,
Made sure your friends would be amazed,
At all the junk you could afford,
Thanks to adult abuse and family fraud.

Charcoaled Burgers... [April contest]

The smell of burgers cooking
you know the ones I mean
The ones that smell like charcoal
to a nose that's keen

Reminds me of my Rugby
the days we used to play
While walking by the river
every other Sunday

I will always remember
the first day that we went
We blew off steam and wrestled
the day was heaven sent

A burger at the B.K.s
he told them the order in dog
The girls were taken with him
they were all agog

Ghost Ship in the Clouds

A clear moonless,
I saw a ship,
In the clouds,
In ghostly light.

The sails,
They were unfurled,
Gently moving,
In the,
Cloudy world.

The clouds,
Seemed to shiver,
As it passed through,
Like waves,
In the sea.

A man,
Stood stoutly at the helm,
His long dark hair,
Shone with an eerie glow,
Fire in his eyes,
As it flowed.

Notes to Gogo (Grandma)

I see you in the mirror Gogo:
even in the darkest times of the night,
I see you still;
I close my eyes and go back to teenageville -
it all comes clear bold and real.

I long to kiss the sweet aroma
eavesdropping from your kitchen,
testament of easterly soups.

A million strolls we made to the stream:
fermented cassava and breadfruit -
our lot and craft,
graced your firm palms;
washed clothes left to dry on Idoto greens.



me shall tread amid tall trees, upon soft grass
Beyond bright meads, in breezes which pass
Through throngs of daisies, weaved with grace
On fall afternoons, with a sailor's pace.

me shall not ponder or pause to think,
But without any cares, on a trail, walking slow
In the boons of a carefree, reedy bliss
In a gilded wood me shall happily go.
Through redolent roses, carmine and pink,
me search for a duchess whom me long to kiss.

A royal red rose

I lay among the sleek
solemn silver sand .
Holding within my hectic
heartbroken hand.
A single rose
that is
divinely doused
In the
reverent royal
color of red .
Luring the lustrous
white dove.
Which in
flutters it’s
of endearment .
And starts to soar
across the briny scintillant
sea of my long lasted
Memory .
Finally plummeting
upon that
darling little day
that is
enraptured in
intimacy .

I will show you( chalenge#2)

Where do I find love
answer to that would be
do not look for it
it will find you

How will I find peace
relaxing the body
soul and mind

How will I find God
just look around you
in nature,in smiles in family and friends


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