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the stage of time

The Stage of Time

Waiting in the prison of time
For turnkey to unlock my cell--
Studying walls of cage I’m in,
Glittering alleys stretch before my
Tainted vision; with jaded eyes
I witness life of the world.

Gone now, innocent youth,
What follows innocence but
More of the same in
Different costume?


What to say
when promises and givens
hinted and unfolded
by relished touch
and unrelenting passion
become as empty as a heart
left cold by distance?

Shall fury speak
these bruises of emotion,
shouting their slow build
from flying fists of words
welling underneath thin skin
that shrinks from stab of hatred?

Make Your Way

The way that you follow on your rails
Tadak tadak….tadak tadak
Must have the reason to feel light
And hard like rock for determination
From the bridges and jungles
Move your one engine on one track
Tadak tadak…. Tadak tadak
Make the whistle of small demands
From where you are passing in the light
Or in the dark….tadak tadak
Show them you are on your way
In the fresh vegetation and stony path
And never in the fields like cattle
The cattle that cry moooo…..moooo
Fulfill small needs that germinate

Why is Creativity Important in Education?

Why is creativity important in education?

Creativity improves self-esteem
Recovers motivation, and
Rallies achievement

Creativity prepare pupils for life
In a rapidly changing world
Working with others to solve problems

Creativity enriches pupils’ lives
Inciting discoveries, pursuits
Their interest and talents

Creativity in education
Enlightens creative people
Giving them opportunities
To adapt to new careers for future endeavors

Could You Borrow Me ?

Could you borrow me your limbs, sometime...
..that I might increase my stride ?

So that, if events should turn on me,
I could run, if I could not hide;

and with the added reach, your arms
would kindly lend to me,

I'd carry both our burdens, so...
..and I'd do so, easily;

and if by chance, you minded not
sharing with me, of your will...

..the added dertermination, I'm sure
will help me climb each hill;

for, I'd have extra energy
courtesy of your very soul,

the star

When he left
the serpent of sparkling diamonds
ripples and curves and stretches
from one side of night to the other
heard my cry of anguish, and

taking pity on me

gently persuaded darkness
to hold a single jem
apart from the other jewels that stud
its black cloak

To point the way he had gone


I'm a little mermaid swimming in the sea
my hair is long,my bosom full I'm pretty as can be
anytime a sailor sees me he wants me for his wife
but I just laugh and swim away to live my care-free life

My skin is soft my scales are bright
they shine and glow in bright sun light
perhaps my favorite feature is my fulsome tail
which allows a speedy swim without any fail

Poetry In Motion...

Crippled by the inter-net
It's got a strangle-hold on me
Treated it like a pet
Now it won't set me free

Chained to my desk and chair
My fingers turned to claws
I'm stiff from toes to hair
I can't get up because

I might miss some news
About my favorite site
I want to see their views
So I'm sitting here all night

Oooohh ... I gotta go
Damn it, I can't wait
I'll be back before you know
If my eyes are seeing straight


Incessant flow of acrid torment,
gouging a trench into an effulgent pebble.
Dull throbbing that never ceases.

Torrent of hell holding me down,
as I gasp and fight for air ,
and struggle to throw the darkness out.

Chinks of light expand,
seeping across my mind.
The nightmare receding.

Escape from a living hell,
I’m human again.
For now.



sweet simplicity
thee, I seek!
holy grail of aspiration
tool of both the wise man,
and the fool




sparseness begetting clarity
clarity begetting light
light begetting understanding
bearing wisdom's grand delight

oh! sweet simplicity
of thee I sing
and hope, through thee,
to soar high upon enlightened wings


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