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The song of yore

I step into a tired down
tavern elegantly enthralled
by the intoxicating aroma of alcohol.
There I see him standing
not to far from the broken battered bar .
A man holding within his
wholesome hand a horn
beautifully burnished
by the beguiling color brass .

Then the horn starts to sing.
It’s at first soft simple
then turns serpentine
and strong.A swan song
that careens us all down
to tears .
As we are taken back
to our years of yore .

Indomie (My love affair with junk foods)

It all started like this,
After I left my Mom,
Indomie told me, that she love me
That she will protect me from hunger.

Indomie is a tall preety noodle
And she always visit me with carrots and green beans
But I was already crushing on EBA before now
Though EBA was slow, but my mom's favourite.

Every morning, afternoon and evening
We make calls, and I place orders
Indomie was caring, fast and sweet
Always available when am hungry
But I noticed she was killing me slowly

WHEN I AM OLD (April contest)

The blessing of old age is complete
when one have a good health
And enjoy his labor as gray hair is all over his body

When I am old
I will reside in my prefere village
And have animal farms
Watch them run scattered as they multiply
And call them to gather back around
I will have my grand children around me
To gather together and tell stories and riddles
I will watch them play while I remember my childhood

When am old I will laugh

When am old I will laugh
I will laugh and laugh like a baby
With my dark brown scanty teeth
With my wife and children

I will build a house
Of trees and gardens
Where I can seat and embrace nature
And drink with my forefathers in anticipation.

When am old I will laugh
At every little thing whether good or silly
With my wrapper and chewing stick
Snuff on my wooden bench
Every morning, and evening.


When you get close
it finds its way
into your nose and
fills your head,
but you need to be close,
sort of close.

It is the girls in
wear-less-competition and
men wearing thongs or
very loose trunks.

It’s a sand castle
child with a pail.
Your feet are suddenly buried
under the grains of the universe.

When I am Old

When I am old
that is to say, older then I am today, for truth be told
I already am... old to some, but
When I am old I plan on being just as bold and brash and full of wildfire
... perhaps desire has lessened some for unions of flesh
but oh the workings of the mind!
Wonders discovered which lay deeper than muscle and skin
the hidden treasures deep within another's soul
these are the lights which warm me on nights so cold..

When I am old...


Message From My Mother

I know you might think I am gone,
haunted in your dreams
by the sad complaints
of night-dark crows

But with these hands
I have built so many things
Our family, our friends,
our happiness and joy
You still have all of these

Your memory of the smile in my eyes
assures that time will chase away
the ghosts of your pain.

I will find you again in your thoughts
so we can laugh together,
and know that tomorrow
there will be a sky full of sun



6 on the dot. another cloudy evening
grandeur groans and grunts,
welcome the rain.

they fly by
in rhythm under the blue skies.
brisk and swift,
tender swings,
in their wings,
in the wind -

my hands meet their sway
in compulsion;
a reflex fashioned in conformance,
reminiscent of infancy:
coated fingers in whitish tattoo -
symbolism of innocence
or of adored superstition.

Unknown Fame

Unknown fame
The red-carpet rolls unto the halls
Bleeding feet and worn-out clothes.
No flashing lights, no fans speak your name.
No mounting of cheers or a round of applause.

Just the echo of silence
As dust settles on your trophy.
Is this what you worked so hard for
With no help or guidance.

A lifetime of love has been but defiled.
For where are they now?
All that you were promised.
Now the memory of it all as a child.


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