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Out lands (Unfinished workshop) "T Harmonee"

It was late in history
the cities had flourished,
grown into bound structures.

Bounded by the reflective walls.
My England had shrunk
Into blobs of black
Surrounded by tilled land

The realm of machines
The out lands of growth
Machine controlled
Then control from the city

Operators playing games
A game called survival
Between each city a link
The new inter city way

Compartmented travel
London to Manchester
City linked to city
Spaces of beauty kept


MIS- Loving Me

At the time you didn’t know it,
But you were a liar.
And I loved you.

Lifting me into the air
As if I were an angel.
Swaddling me
In your promise of forever,

That you didn’t realize
Was already broken.

Late nights awake
Spent listening to the sound
Of my crying heart
In a duet with soft hums
Of sadness.

Waiting for a sign.


ARE WE ASLEEP? (unfinished works shop)

Sometimes at night when sleep won't come
and eyes burn red from lack of rest
in small hours I almost feel numb
as heart beats tired in my old chest.

Is it imagination that I see,
this chair, these walls, even this pen,
all of what's surrounding me
and things to which I must attend?

Or, perhaps it being night
all of this is just a dream
which will end at dawn's first light
when the fogs rise up like steam.


Symptoms of testosterone, Part 3 – Immortality

Women only know for sure
Men make
make art
make empires
make monuments
or seduce
or rape

or quietly accept our own ends

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