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Sunku: beyond rhyme and rhythm, search for new structures in short form workshop

This shows the poems in just one one workshop. To see all the poems on Neopoet, go to the stream. Or go to the workshop page itself, where you can find out more about the syllabus.


ice melts
fog rises
the pond is gone

wings swooshing
geese have landed

I am
still running
shores of my past

To Basho

To Basho

It is not the end of the day.
But it is almost.
Snow is matte.
Its white lilac doesn't spark
but quietly glows.

The trees radiate cold.
Fallen leaves
suspended in frozen shoals
form illusion of flying maps,
mosaic display
of ancient nations and worlds.

The sun is long gone,
but the sky
still keeps the last beams
fast to the chest.

I am reading aloud the lines
on my palms.
How long do I live, how far shall I go
following traces of birds?

I live (Sunku)

I live
without form
just to be me

some can't
accept me
as just myself

I add
and cook till done

To IRiz (the lady of Sunku)

Faith and valor

The Heaven's
Bridge to the Earth

A lady
In Sunku form

Cuffed poetry (Sunku Workshop)

and long days
chaos abounds

choked thoughts
cuffed in words
behind war bars

How could
be even versed.

Some Metaphorical Speaking Sunku

As thorns
Might peck ****s
And kick ***es

End the lives
With no mercy

Her words
(Soft fabrics)
Kill with cold blood


blue heron
on Green Lake

trembling stems
dull winter wind

their throats
crows bark like dogs

Origami [Sunku WS]

Still waters
were soaking
my paper boats

I jumped
out of their
sinking feelings

turning them
into balloons

Luminous Strides [Sunku WS]

Back stage
she readies
for a catwalk

Steps out
and dazzles
a crescent smile

her radiance
with every stride

Sunku 17 Workshop

God speaks
I hear tones
nature buzzing

new ideas

I write
etch my thoughts
in Poetry


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