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Closed to new participants (and underway)

August Quickie

Description:A fast contest for the month of August

Sponsor(s):Scribbler and geezer

Objectives:A chance to dig up some old favorites and let them be reviewed

Subject matter: Well, it's summer time so let's dig up something about time spent of the lake or beach. Try to keep it under 24 lines. Any form will work. Only prewritten poems and don't forget to put (Aug. contest) next to title

How Judged:by single judge based entirely on his/her discretion

Changed Perspective

Description:Lets write in any form about how changing perspective from past to future can change our mood. Try to keep it under 30 lines

Sponsor(s):scribbler, Geezer

Objectives:Just to have fun in a lightly competitive environment

Subject matter:How changing our thoughts from the past to the future can affect our thinking

How Judged:

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