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your spark sparks

You are young man
that sparks...

This once again ignites
a dying candle
well done such smooth reading
coming from one suffering from depression
is incredible

It sparks me also to compose
on humans which one's like you do repose
one’s inner feelings you amply expose
I suppose

As and when the spark has ignited fully
my lilting candle flamed again
I may compose one like this
if from the scourges
of my cancer of ego
I still sustain

I won't say remain

Let my spark ignite first me
many like friend poets
like ye
who need such sparks
that openly flee

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


This is a really encouraging poem to someone who has / is inspiring you and others to write - despite their own depression.

Igniting a "dying candle" ( I like the imagery of that ).

Can't think of anything to critique - I just really liked the overall poem and the heart felt gratitude it conveys.

Nice xxxx

Love Mand xxx

long tym no c
how u be
where are ye
hope well u b
thanks ye

author comment

Yes sorry about my inconstancy :) I've been helping my invalid mum and dad over the last year or so. My dad was suffering from heart failure, mum two broken hips ( + several other broken bones and reoperations on one of her hips ). Dad died in May ( I was there ) Mum is still alive ( Brother and sister are looking after her + me now and again ). So a little more time to log onto the site.

Now, however, it's school holidays ( just started ) So I'm helping with my grandchildren + volunteer at the National Botanical Gardens Of Wales twice a week, so time is still limited but at least slightly better. :)

I hope you are o.k - nice to read your work and look forward to reading more as and when I can. :)

Keep safe xxx

Love Mand xxxxx

but this is part of life
take care thanks
hope ur mom gets well soonly
regards to her

from a poet far distant unknown yet
but well read

author comment
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