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you never believed

After all the days and years
The struggling of my work
The motivation I gave you as mine
The exposure and time
Departure ahead of us
Best looks I never had

Varsity came knocking
Both with lack of interest not to go
Unfortunately never had I had the cash

Time revealed the truth
All the days I promised
Hated to see you leave
But had nothing to do

Hustle and grinned for us
Made it possible to visit you in varsity
But I went to a big city
Big ambitions
Unfortunately you fell for cash
That's cool
I didn't have any so why be mad
But he wasn't ready to be a dad
Lured away by looks you were
Now in heartbroken and sad
You denied me
Said you don't know me
I Wonderd how can this be

Pregnant you felt
Couldn't know what to do
He wasn't there like I'd have been
You were just another girl on the A list
Now its all as cold as mist
Maybe you need a priest

I'm sorry babe

I've found new love now
Someone whom I love
Someone who loves me for me
She's my queen Bee

Built my mama a mansion
Getting married to someone but not you
Eight months pregnant you are
Fully now out of my view

Your mama had left the world
Due to your uncertainty
How harsh can you be
Left with twince and no granny for them

I'm sorry babe
I loved you but you denied me
In font of cheese boys!
Will you buy the twins toys?

I'm sorry babe
I'm now Rich like I promised
Unfortunately your not missed

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Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Is the internal logic consistent?
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how do I join a contest or work shop

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how do I join a contest or work shop

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