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You Dare

Look what you are doing to me,
I am your Mother Earth.
Contaminate me in all ways
Gases and plastic each day.

I tell you this stupid ones
I will circle the sun always
You will not be remembered
No more thinking races.

I will celebrate your passing.
Even the Dinosaurs were my children.
They, though mostly cruel, honoured me.
I gave them plenty of food to eat

You, crawlers of my world, what now?
Will you clean my air for your use.
My Oceans will you clean them also.
I am Mother earth, so beware.

My new children will not be greedy.
They will wander as before, without let.
Long after you have destroyed your own.
There will be no-one to mourn your passing.

I wonder who will be blamed?
Would there ever be a point in doing so?
I shall let you wander as dust in the universe.
There maybe you will be born again..

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
Just a jotting to fill spaces Take care out there and know we walk the same pathways, Yours Ian ..
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Not Explicit Content


great on a couple of levels.
I like the premise that we can be replaced as the dominate life on this planet. We can be the first species to bring about our own extinction! I'm not a fan of the line that says "Then, I gave them oxygen to breathe. " It sounds like a reward for respecting "Mother Earth".
Your title is good and the theme is much on everyone's mind. ~ Gee.

Honest critique and comments shouldn't hurt.
It's why we are here, to get better at our craft.

Many thanks for your visit and thoughts,
I changed the line you thought was not so good
Hope all is OK now.
Hope that your folks are all OK
Take care and my best thoughts as always, Ian ..

Words can build a nation

author comment

the EARTH will continue to revolve and rotate
about me
I am the Sun
for all times
gone and yet to come

do your homework
rest leave to the flames of the sun

in 80 years all calculate
mountains will have snow

to enable all to remember
80 is to 20
all humans still Ian recall
you must first of all
as poetically
you are so very tall

Thank you for your wise words 80-20 well we have had our 20 since time began for Humons.
The religions control, the few that have all the money there are many excuses by them as to why the 80 have ruined the Earth.
It could make the 80 very bitter and if they had the resources to fight back the world might recover, it is impossible for the many to overcome the few lol.
I shall keep my head down in case I am smote.
I am far to old to change the world..
Lovely to hear from you keep writing and teach Our young ones tha only they can change the world so that Humons can survive..
Yours as always Ian ..x

Words can build a nation

author comment

Yes, we'll be motes of dust, invisible out there in the cosmos. Serves us right. Good poem, Ian. We can do our best to enjoy our remaining time, as well as take care of our little piece of earth. I never thought I'd be present at the demise of humankind. I may not be, but it's probable.
All the best, keep 'em coming.

Know then thyself, presume not God to scan,
The proper study of Mankind is Man.
Plac’d on this isthmus of a middle state,
A being darkly wise, and rudely great….

An Essay On Man, III, Alexander Pope.

Thank you for your read and good comments,
There will not be a mass extinction of us bad people of Earth.
I hope it can teach us a few things, like the live of others and that greed is a killer of all things.
Maybe if they made a Virus that stopped people being greedy then there would be no room for strife.
Many times civilisation has come near to the extinction, sometimes man made, this one has question marks over its deadly head, as Aids, and there could be other flues and like viruses..
A world at my age of 78 may never see the solution to our ways,
Take care of yourself and your families where ever they are,
Yours Ian T xx

Words can build a nation

author comment

ready my latest
if 4 me you still

What ever you are drinking I pass lol.
You are never forgotten young loved, our poets are precious to the whole..
We write,
we complain,
we make fun of,
but that we write,
is all that we need do.
A written message of our thoughts,
Yours as always,
Ian ..

Words can build a nation

author comment

you make me dream of you
In the map of the UNIVERSE
I was searching
for folks like you
O no
N O N E ...
TRUE poets
though wee

I drift betwixt this plain and the spiritual one, one day I shall remain in the Spirit one and await your return so mind you be good.
I will sit with Lonnie, Steven, Jess, and Richard, there we will make a new poets corner, and seek you out when you return,
Yours Ian ..

Words can build a nation

author comment


SPEAK only silently
other universes
may here ye

We are the children of the universe, it is my home and will return one day a much better spirit, for completing the tasks I asked to do while on this Earth Plain.
The universe works on Think young traveller, so they cannot miss one thought you have here,
They will hold a place for you always it is your home also, we will play with the stars and use colours and think to communicate.
We will be able to watch over all those we leave behind an be there with those that have journeyed on before us..
Take care young Loved, if you listen carefully you will hear our friends that are there,
Strange words come to mind and sometime you will wonder where you learned them, and there they will be smiling at you as you think...
Yours as always, Ian ..

Words can build a nation

author comment
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