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The future is due sooner or later.
It’s stuck in traffic or missing a train.
I spend the year in a waiting room
Like under a willow in the rain.

How impatiently the days pass
Spinning like a tumble weed.
How little the moments last--
Time consumes all it receives.

I toss and turn this morning
Knowing the hours to be worn,
Every minute another death recorded,
Every minute another tragedy born.

We who survive may look back
After the cures free us to mourn,
Holding hands in halls of packed
Humanity singing a requiem song.

The future will come, later or sooner,
Reaffirming it’s on the way.
But we have been to war and wounded,
And will never be the same.

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so well put, I really enjoyed reading it!

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Good use of near rhyme. The poem is very pectinate and I agree that this virus will leave us all changed. I just hope it doesn't change us into cattle willing to do whatever the gov't tells us to do.........

is "pectinate?" I meant to say pertinent.....maybe it was spell check or maybe just a plain typo

The poem is not political

As far as cattle and obscene stupidity from a spoiled idiot child and his enablers, time will come when decency will return. I suppose you won’t see it that way. You can take the pig out of the sty, but can’t can’t take the sty out of the pig.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

author comment

As always history
is known to repeat
This will only be filed
as a kinda flue
you have no clue
as a rhinitus 'twill pass
it's a longer cold
of death be bold
live happily
another years 93
as did folks in 1918
still just remembering
old flu and TB too

Still lurking
no vaccine

a] a viable vaccine will be available
b] enough doses will have been given

nine more months... GAD.

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I read this whilst awaiting the results of my covid test!
Hopefully I'll comment further in two weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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