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The world's worst teenage angst poem

When you said we had to part
I tell you, darling, you really broke my heart
Because you are loving, true and kind
And another lover like you I am sure I will never find.

As you slowly walked down the street
A single tear fell down my cheek
Then you said there was another
I knew then I'd never recover.

So I entered the kitchen and picked up a knife
And decided to take away my own life.
My wrist I began to tear
And drops of blood dropped on the chair.

Then you knocked upon my door
And said could we be lovers once again once more.
But with all your kind and loving charms,
You were too late and I fell and died happy in your arms.

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Yes, this is the world's worst teenage angst poem. Well, maybe not the worst, but you do have a knack for the weirdest. I am beginning to see that you cannot help yourself anymore than I can, in being humorous with everyday life. No doubt, your humor is different than most would expect, but... Anyway, I guess that you have made a serious attempt at being the worst at this type of stuff, so I congratulate you for a jolly good try. ~ Geez.

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Hi, Edna,
I'm never certain what to say about poems such as this, there is a part of me that cringes and cannot bear to read it all - but I will say that you have absolutely captured the language and drama of a teenage love life and broken heart. You get me thinking, Edna!
Thank you!

This is the first poem I've tried to read backwards in order to unread. Thank you ;)


Teenage angst truly laid threadbare in this poem...i wonder how you could perceive unless you knew someone who did it...

raj (sublime_ocean)

Hee hee,,
Well, she was a tart and you were cuckolded.
you probably deserved it mi sweet !!!


I'd like to write you all a little note:
I am so pleased you liked the poem what I wrote
'cos if you hadn't it would have got my goat
And I might have had to go and slit my throat.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

author comment

You are one of kind (aren't we all?) - and a mighty fine poet(ess).

..isn't my reticule.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

author comment
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