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The perpendicular pyramids of perplexing thought
And a stupendous polarity of power
Will accrue in a creative apotheosis
Of mesmerising miasmas and preposterous perspectives
Where a conscientious concubine counted coconuts
In a catastrophic cradle of a crank civilisation
Where desperate denizens of disproportionate depravity
Detonated a device devastatingly destructive
That ripped through a ravine of ravenous reptiles
And created a crater that sent circumspect citizens
Into spasmodic spasms of superfluous superstitions
That did not do much to disambiguate dilemmas
Of a domineering demagogue
Who went into a cacophonic circumlocution
About weird were-wolves and mythical monsters
Moving in primeval pastures of a primordial period

(First published on 24/05/2007)

Editing stage: 


but feel the poem failed in conveying significant meaning.

Such is often the way with word experiments.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

That was indeed the intention. The poem isn't meant to be read literally. I just wanted to showcase words and how they can be juxtaposed.

Thanks again. Your inputs are always valued.


Leonard Daranjo

"When the waiting stops, the living begins"

author comment
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