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i could never be
never daring
not a coward

Riding on bywayrs
avoiding the ju8bilant
themes of the great republic


awoke to dusks thin ache
behind the summer horizon
and meet

a mended friendship
ttwixt intimate the fear
a shadow maligngering
and near

Ghosts like thunderheads
buckling sheets and
Leaning demin to cotton
listening to the songs
and feeling our heat
climb from the middle
of a great longing
enticing down the
depths of bright wet

the errors roamed
dust plumes churned
behind tailights
driving towards
what I had never

The ghost in the mirror
a weakness like a

we roved and journeyed
and never begged
the quest of love
drawing near
beneath the
of limbs
under the cascading
rain rythymns
of Autumn
and dampness


Editing stage: 


i like the way you put words together; you've created a style distinctly your own. the imagery is great, and beautifully sensual. the mention of peppermint and saffron make me think of how certain smells often trigger vivid memories. i enjoyed this, thank you.


I wanted a clairity..a voice to the works
I devoted to a place open
Harsh was.. often is my day voice
definition was a struggle

Awareness...I gained little and gave
much..and from others the little gained
was a great thing as viewed of others

apex and dimensions
focal lenses and mirrors
sometimes thing make sense
and other times is a mystery
I mull over trying hard to throw
down a poem out of it

more like doodles on napkins

I liked lyrics of songwriters..
the flow of writing I liked
the flow of songs I liked
it took years to get close
to this

the writing is the bridge from
the lesser world I live to the
wide angle fiction I would
like to be

I am lucky to have had an
interesting life thus far
I would not have been
able to write like this
in my teens or twenties
I was not connected

for my ability to write
my ability in life to
communicate or listen
is extremely difficult

Thank You for your comments

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