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WINTER TO SPRING (April contest)

A deep breath of spring morning air
near cold enough to bring a frost
yet dogwoods are blooming everywhere.
In seasons' battle winter lost.

The whippoorwill might sing tonight
and I might see a spotted fawn
just as an owl takes to flight.
His hunt will end with the next dawn.

The new year's leaves have finally
push dead leaves off of the beech trees.
New growth hinting of what soon will be
while thick pollen will make me sneeze,

So life asserts itself today
having survived death's chill season
with next winter seeming far away
the world is filled with optimism.

This season and I hardly match
for white as snow is my scarce hair
which one time was as thick as thatch.
Winter Will come....will I be there?

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


You will surely be there to see more winters.....I will come back to this one after you make the edits...this being a rough would be premature for me to make suggestions...

be well friend always...

raj (sublime_ocean)

never too soon to offer advice. Appreciate the visit......stan

author comment

in USA is it already springing!

every winter you will have more snowy hair
and you as well as I
will be here or there
a BIG Qs Mark!!!

My brother was stationed by the army in the UP of Michigan for a few years. He came down here one spring for a visit and the leaves were already fully out. Up there snow was still evident. We pay for the great springs and autumns and mild winters down here by roasting through a long summer. Up your way the trade off is very mild summers for extreme and prolonged winters lol.....stan
Some hair turns white
some hair turns gray
mine turned loose
and went away

author comment

Once a friend told me
Hi you are getting grey so early
I was just maybe in my thirties
here apply this cream
your hair won't ever turn white
note I said ''ever''
NEXT week I told him
all my hairs had fallen
see idiot
how right I was
I had said won't grow grey

I am now a classified astrologer lol
some guy he ...

laughingly at the bridge counter
dropped the creme
he bent down and fell without a scream
smiled away and said see
as he passed away ...
God saved some of his creme

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