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Winter Again

October fruit ripened to the core
fish dream of new waters
Autumn's chill opened the world
to the days of yore.

Of shadows and suns
the remnant is polished in stones
where new hopes may grow like grass.

In times like these, I think of you
and daydream in flowers
Winter! your poetry is written in the
shivering stars, and their cuddling Mother.

The sky is against the earth, blanketing
as I wait for snowflakes on my panes.
I touch your icy skin and inhale your essence.

In your wake, butterflies are born from
dying autumn leaves, dazzle, and vanish into space.
Winter! come in cold feet, and give us the chill
of awakening.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


going to assume that you are one of those crazy winter people! Now that I am old and feeble, I can still appreciate winter, but from inside my house and through the windows. I enjoy going out in the winter weather, just long enough to get in the car and drive to wherever I have to get to. I love to see the patterns of frost on the window panes and I can admire the snow as it hides the ugliness of dead leaves and branches fallen from the trees. That's about the extent of my winter wonderland! Actually was mnever much of a winter person to begin with. My favorite lines: "In your wake, butterflies are born from dying autumn leaves, dazzle, and vanish into space. Winter come in cold feet and give us the chill of awakening." Welcome to Neo. Nice job for the contest! ~ Geezer.

in my parts, is bereft of snow. But still I like the season very much for its coldness in the night, and warmth of the day.

We hate Summers here, sweat and all.

Thanks for commenting.

author comment

Rest got washed off in the snow
more later
except a small nit

fishes is archaic it's only

keep it up son... u will prove an asset to NEO
One day
if not today
some day
you may

that's a fine compliment.

corrected as per your suggestion.

author comment

be not afraid of any one compose as you will
take or leave suggestions
at your discretion
read more poets here
comment on each
critic more than just praise must be truthful and helpful
more will trust and read you too
Take it or leave it
the world has people who are tricky
take care and move ahead.
all d best young poet

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