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Wind’s way to yesterday

The wild wind
Wishing me away
to where these
grim grey hairs
once gushed
out the glorious
color of Gold.
To where
the sickly yellow
hill on the
broken brick road
yearned back to
the bright serene color of green.
And the soft
silver skies
Turns a stray
and flows back
to the brisk blissful
color of blue.

Then my eyes
Flew to a once familiar
Face that now lights up
in outer space.
Twas my little
Endearing dove
That drenched me
In the luscious lake
of love.
Then the wind
whispered in
my ear “ do
you remember
this day”
I then replied
“ yes twas
The day
When we
met eye
to eye and
she sadly
Goodbye .
That’s where
Love had to
fly .
Wind why
do you make
me cry lets
leave and
let time go by”.

Then the wind
simply sighed
“as you wish”.

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