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Who Is This Trump You Speak Of ?

Heads Are Coming Together
All for a great cause
To love one another
This comes from the hand of God
Strength comes to those willing to explore
Took a look deeper in the bible like ever before
Grab a hold of a hand when to understand
Sad faces will be no more
Lest I implore an opened door
Freaks in the street
They have riots their cause is hate

Can there be a difference in the mind
Viscous long hanging fangs that bite
Evil minds that plug destruction
Having tombstones for eyes
We must practice what we preach
Dig a bit deeper than ever before
Reach inside we have nothing to hide
Heads are coming together
Whatever the weather they gather
A beacon of light to a hurting world in need

To stay silent is not a choice
We must have a sense to rejoice
God in his sovereignty has brought us in
Time well spent in thought
Blackened hearts unleashed to violence
The blind lead the blind falling into a ditch
A challenge to be free is a question of time
Stand up for your rights

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And there are flashes of brilliance in the work. The lines "freaks in the streets" and "blackened hearts unleashed to violence" are some of my favourites. I really liked your 2nd and 3rd stanzas but the one piece of advice I'd offer is to explore ways of saying "Strength comes to those willing to explore." Your imagery in the aforementioned lines was great and I wonder if some lines would become more powerful with further abstraction.
Just a thought... Thanks for the read.


If this Trump you speak about is a beacon of light to a hurt world, he must then truly be an excellent person .A lovely poem ,Chevyvent.And thanks for sharing.

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