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Who is a friend

My friends all wear different faces
Sometimes they lie but my heart still feel the touch of their empty embraces.
They use my love against me for any reason .
It's my fault
It's all my fault
This is the love they want me to believe in
When will I find the friendship's that has no meaning
Regret and blame
Have always stop my eyes from seeing.
I have stop my crying
Forgiveness is the life
I chose to believe in
Because only I
Can give the regret and the blame in my mind it's freedom. I'm healing now because my true love said to me only my heart is the freedom you will ever need

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content
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The below is a computer generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem "Who is a friend" explores the complicated nature of friendship and the speaker's struggle to find genuine connections. The imagery of friends wearing different faces suggests that the speaker has encountered many people who are not true to themselves or to the speaker. The line "They use my love against me for any reason" highlights how the speaker has been taken advantage of in the past, leading to feelings of regret and blame.

One potential line edit could be to change "When will I find the friendship's that has no meaning" to "When will I find the friendship that has true meaning." This change would clarify the speaker's desire for authentic connections rather than meaningless ones.

The poem's message is ultimately one of forgiveness and personal responsibility. The speaker recognizes that they have the power to free themselves from regret and blame, and they choose forgiveness as a means of healing. The final line, "only my heart is the face you will ever see," suggests that the speaker is ready to open themselves up to love again, but only on their own terms.

Overall, "Who is a friend" is a poignant exploration of the challenges of finding true friendship and the importance of self-forgiveness. The poem's imagery and message resonate with readers who have also struggled with these issues. With the suggested line edit, the poem could be even stronger in its clarity and emotional impact.

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