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who are you

Slow songs of love
Melodies of church women
Soft humming of kids with tears
Sorrow being the common feeling
All with smiles be faking
Pretending they're strong
Hoping they're not wrong...
For acting up

Death who sent you?
How are you always in our view?
Accident or purpose
You are a burden
Smiles are rare in your presence
You got no patience
Is it a coincidence
Are you a product of God?
Pain seems to be your food
Broken hearts tend to be your snack
Sometimes you take the whole pack
Sometimes you take the most important
On Some occasions by an instant
You always constant
You give us disappointment
You just come with no appointment
You don't struggle with commitment

Id say I'm flattered
If only you didn't hurt us so much

Please let us know our mistakes
We'll do whatever it takes
Just for less heart breaks

Editing stage: 


A very strong first stanza. (although I do not totally get "acting up". My understanding of that expression is something bad is about to happen as a result of some action. That is a compete poem, with very good "stance"; Melodies of church women, soft humming of kids with tears. That is good poetry.
What follows is a conversation with death, asking BIG questions. A lot of assumptions without backup,like

Is it a coincidence
Are you a product of God?

That death is a product of God is itself poem that needs to be explored.

In the end you are pleading with death to tell us our mistakes,that Mr. Death may give us a break...
That too is a different poem, and a good start of one. Make sure there's plenty of YOU in there.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

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