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Who are WE


''You make many a heart throb
you have the sleep of many robbed
how dare you sleep as all are awake
knocking at your lovely gate

After you have abandoned the world
you will not know what we would miss
as you eternally sleep

till such a time comes your way
Dear poets of all time

We all request you to stay''


When we depart
(But my study of the Human Mind over decades tells me and you may of course disagree)

There is no purpose of life.
Life has been evolved from a spirogyra-moss stage
to that of a larger bacterium today,
in the form of a human, man and woman included.
There is no purpose of life what so ever,
no one designed it,
for if someone had
and I will as any sane person would ask,
who first designed them
then you will have no answer.

Blame the scientists as much as you wish,
but since we are the by-products of parental
sperms and genes and X as well as Y(male pronounced)
with thousands of genes intertwined,
we have only one option
that is to make life more purposeful.

Life's sojourn starts at birth,
carries on from the womb to the tomb
and then the inevitable,
pre -ordained death.

Let’s not think our brethren were as naïve,
as they were perhaps in centuries gone by,
they questioned every moment why.

Just on the Face Book or Yahoo
try and they will thrash you and pass by.

Well having said so much
we have to make life purposeful,
that’s why the guy who says

The world will end in three billion years,
gets a Nobel.
Neither he will be there, nor you and I.

But someone has to keep the name alive
after death,
of the guy who spent nothing whilst living
but left everything so that his name lives on…

There is no after death ---life.
Have you seen a rat snowed stiff
in the winter of Canada....

Then you just dump it,
does it not have a soul...
Oh only humans have a soul, is it so...

Each living being’s heart,
must have a vibration
imbued by the heart throb of mother’s heart,
in synchronicity
in the womb itself,

else a still child will be born.

Where is their soul may I ask...
The mom’s harmonic vibrations
couldn't set the young heart in active vibration,
ere it is released from the womb...
you’ll have a still born...

More on after death-life and spiritualism later…
If you want it

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


for a change from

Ian and Stan and now IRIiz may reflect early

author comment

Ah, so there Are subjects which demand longish poems lol. Nothing after death? What about the law of conservation of energy which states energy can be neither created nor destroyed. What of the energy released at death?

after death if buried
buried===food for worms MOTH and earth worms

cremated =ashes merge with the soil
and become part of theoretical energy
no energy can be destroyed
like water evaporates and is recycled clouds vapors and rain and snow becomes water again back through the vast rivers
or drain down into the earth and become part of wells
so you may continue to say

Thanks for applying your mind
I thought you were a poet only
Stan you are

author comment

if you are for or against the theory of life after death, but you raise many interesting questions and provide some interesting theories. Long-ass poem, but I enjoyed much! Thanks, ~ Gee.

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The world has two kinds of folks
first believers
second NON---

So a poet has to cater for both

I am no authority on
as I only speak of what I know
can say
and prove

but after life
is purely a conjecture

yes we have incarnations
similar guys
in different garbs and circumstances and environments heritage
never same
may be similar though...

So let us just smile
THEORIES only help
in our TIME to while

Its along life
some say it is short
what do you think
say will you
let us see your mind's ink

author comment

Thank you for sharing your profound write.
I enjoyed reading it a lot. This is a raw truth.
Now an a sweeter side.
Your rhythm is better and stays almost to the end.
The end has some repetition of content.
I think in the poem you want to say things once but well.
My suggestion to go over the last 20percent of the text one more time with a minimalistic hat on and see how you could solidify it.
In the beginning your have to correct the biological content. Evolution from moss goes up to trees, from archebacteria it goes wide to thousands of new species adapted to variety of conditions, almost impossible to imagine to live in, from worms to mammals and you could say humans. So pick something from the list above and if you want ask me more about it. But from moss to larger bacterium needs to be altered.
Big hug, looking forward to seeing a new and better version, sincerely yours, Irene


My suggestion to go over the last 20percent of the text one more time with a

minimalistic hat on......hats off

and see how you could solidify it.
let me see

author comment



bt very cold

author comment
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