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When my mind starts to wonder

I trie to shun this fact away the horrifying and saddening fact that I am going to die some day.

But my mind starts to wonder and then it starts to ponder
what will happen when I shall go down to the dark depressing land of the down under .

I try to calm my head

but I Can’t when all I see is all these people staring at me

that will soon be lying dead.

for I try to not care a dime
as i drink this unknown tea of time.

But my mind starts to wonder more about how beautiful life was before
this thought of death came and broke down my door.
Oh I try to scatter and run. But my mind usually lands at a dark black barrel of a gun.
Just before My sweat filled bright burning red hands pulled the trigger.

The thought of WHAT IF? grew Bigger.

For what if there is a heaven and

What if there is a hell?

For if that is true
Then I definitely knew that if I go and do the deed
Then the Disastrous demons of Darkness will go and throw me in
The great gigantic furious flaming flamboyant pit Of sin
Is that where I will dwell?
But then again why kill yourself when you can always just wait.
Wait until it’s to late to live
When There is no more tea of time to give.

But I have the other half of the thought What If ? That haunts my brain makes
my mind an egg wanting to break .
And the negative thoughts of
What If? are simply this.

What if There is nothing beyond this world of the enigma?

Then that will mean this life is utterly pointless
There is nothing to loose and nothing to gain.
So why let this whole world drive me insane.
So in this world it really wouldn’t matter.
Because this world is as mad as a hatter.
So if I Grab that gun And this life I would take.

But I Still don’t know.

So the only way to be absolutely shore
is to Wait until the date where this life is no more
and someone will find My dead corona filled corpse
Lying there dead on the floor.

For I had to wait until I got crippled and old.
That’s when nature got tough and bold and this is what I was told

“hey fella Get Up it’s Your time to go.“

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How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Is the internal logic consistent?
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edit it please
Young poet
maiden contest
too long

for the August contest, please read the syllabus. [tells you what the rules are]. If it isn't, then I would say that you have written something that all of us wonder about. We won't know what awaits us at the end. As far as we know, no one has ever come back to have a sit-down with anyone to give us the exact answers that we want. So, I guess the next best thing to do, is to hang around and see what happens. For everyone that says there is nothing after this life, there a dozen others that say the opposite. There are those that say we come back again and again, to try and get it right and some that think we have one chance and that is it. Get it right or else. I'm willing to wait and see. Glad you are too. ~ Geezer.

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Thank you

Hlm life without literature is a life without logic.

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