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Of What Shall I Write?

shall I write of trees?
gorgeous, as foreground or backdrop
to visions of life
fueling imagination
and heartfire

or write of the sea?
drowning one in depth
of emotion and tears
hoping to add one more drop
to its enormity

or shall I write of the sky?
whew! the view!
endless endless endlessly
to leave you draining
into a puddle of

or shall I write of Me?
yeah, "Me"
Me doing this, Me doing that
Me being, Me feeling
Me wheezing my way through
a small,tiny,little
infintessimal life

Yeah! that's it
I'll write of me

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back


Discombobulation lmao ! a word I'd have never thought to use in poetry. A good write on the problem of finding a fit subject for poetry..........scribbler

discombo something is like OMBUDSMAN SOMETHING

A new word spelt out for me
A simple note would have been
appreciated by me
still undoubtedly it must be lovely
another word
i now add to my dictionary,
as someone here
just said
a new passion poetry
tis this !!!
loved u don't know me
i am no poet
that everyone here can very well see
yet to keep up my morale
they all say
keep it up


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