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What Hurt You?

My heart is my shield
I wear it on my t-shirt.
All it takes is a pair of scissors
to split my heart in two.

I notice everyone's eyes cut like blades
freshly forged at dawn.
Everyone’s mouth is a gun
ready to unload a round into our shields.

What hurt you,
they might ask.
My eyes say it all
nothing but everything.

Love is amazing.
Love is cliche.
Love builds kingdoms.
Love is what killed me.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat.
The cat was in love with curiosity.
Curiosity didn’t love the cat.
The cat died to love.

What hurt you,
people would ask the cat.
The cat would always say the same thing,

What is everything without nothing?
If love is your everything it is also your nothing.
Love is a double sided blade
with plenty of room for both our blood.

Icarus loved the sun,
but the sun didn’t love him.
Icarus didn’t die to ambition.
He died to love.

Love is life.
Love is pure.
Love is my everything.
Love is unrelenting.
Purity isn’t always good.
Love isn’t always life.
Love is my glass cannon.
Love is my nothing.

When everyone’s blades are at your throat,
when everyone’s guns are aimed at your shield,
when you lie there alone people will ask,
what hurt you?

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
I don't actually have a plot or story. It is all up to interpretation. I just wrote what I thought and let my mind make it's story. My use of punctuation and grammar might not make sense to you, but it does to me. Thank you for your time.
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Not Explicit Content


Welcome to Neopoet! Really enjoyed this "stream of consciousness" write. Love this line too: "Love is my glass cannon"

Nit: Did you mean to use "Icarus didn’t die FOR ambition"?

Thank you for sharing this, and hope to see more from you!


Michael Anthony

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