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We Are As Gods

I am a Trans-Human
I am the child of Homo Sapiens

My thoughts
once derided
now flow in
our children's DNA

We are now as
So we act
like them

No disease
rotting flesh
No poverty
corrupting morals
No rich
No c u l t u r e
No Point

I am foreshadowed
Born of woman?
That will soon cease
your voice silenced

Are you 'human'?
Who cares...

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what puzzles me is that in the poem you give no superiority complex to the feeling of being the "god "you suppose

Thanks for stopping to read this!

I wanted to be a dispassionate narrator...I had seen a vid on YouTube by an enthusiastic commentator about the coming of trans-human intelligence and how "wonderful" and 'liberating' it was going to be for mankind.

I have always doubted that emerging technologies 'spliced' with the biology and physiology of the human form will deliver the utopian viewpoint and actually consider a much darker dystopian future...

As a trans-human "god" I would start to see my homo sapiens inheritance as a dirty secret or at least "inferior", hence my parting shot on the last line...

"Who cares"...

Ellie :)

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