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We and our Mountains

Come my boy,
Sit down,
I’ll tell you about my time,
My time in my old town,
Which I hope is doing well,
I passed and left long ago,
Keeping the comedy alive,
For you see there was nothing grand about my time,
But it was a charming time,
A warm time,
All we had then were jokes,
All we had were our mountains,
Mountains full of pride,
Which stood so tall,

It was a charming time,
Difficult nonetheless,
For you see,
My beloved lost her mind,
And it was difficult for me,

But it was still a golden time,
There in my beloved Gyumri,
Where I hope the earth is still rich,
And the mountains tall,
And the air so crisp and cool.

Where I hope people still smile,
Life is still charming,
And jokes are still told,

Where I hope people remember me,
As a funny and charming man.

Where I hope people remember you,
For your golden heart.

For you see my boy,
We are our mountains,
We are alive there,

There in my beloved Gyumri.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
This poem is dedicated to Mher "Frunzik" Mkrtchyan, an icon of Armenian cinema and culture. This poem is also dedicated to my parent's hometown of Gyumri, Armenia.
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A beautiful nugget of nostalgia. Has a haunting air about it, without being too melancholy.
I like the repetition of words, I think it works well. Jx

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Hey Thanks for reading! Mkrtchyan, the actor, as well the city Gyumri, have a history of tragedy, but In my opinion the tragedy is overshadowed by their indomitable spirit. Through ruin there remains a remarkable optimism. I hope I was able to convey this idea. Thanks again, glad you enjoyed it.

author comment

The good old days, we always say so. A long history and civilization only the mountains can remember well. Armenia civilization has deep roots in antiquity. It is always a painful event when one has to leave the ancient homeland. I did some 40 years ago. The pain is still there, but I try to "live long and prosper"!


Hey, thanks for reading! Armenia was a very unforgettable experience for me, and not in a cliche way. Throughout the whole country you can see the blending of old and new, and sometimes even ruin and modernity side by side. In many ways it is a haven for poetic inspiration, and it is not a surprise that Armenia has great poets in its history. But it was the soil, the air, and of course the mountains I fell in love with the most, especially when I was in my parents hometown. It is something everyone should experience and it is difficult to let go, but the mountains will always be there, and we take the homeland with us wherever we go. Thank you again for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

author comment
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