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The Way a Poet Should Dress


It’s nice to write
from one’s generation,
but that’s not how one starts.
Save it as jewelry.

Save the necktie, too,
if you can’t decide
which hangs on which.

In fact, to start, save nothing.
Start somewhere before
the clothes rustle in the drawer.

Then snap them out
and build them on you.
Wrinkle obsession
in the starch of your pants,

but button with care,
as a seamstress does.
Some will say change often:
make haste, but let words wear.

Finally, if they talk to you,
teach them to dance.

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Here's another poem from my old days. I wrote this in 1984, and it, along with my previous post "Van Gogh" appears in my first book, Brooklyn and After and Poems 1973-1987.
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Another excellent write. I enjoy reading your works.



Thanks again, RoseBlack! I had a lot of fun writing this kind of lighter poem which could point out some depth in a casual way.

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Finally, if they talk to you,
teach them to dance.

Thanks, lovedly. the poet at the Poets' School Dance.

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