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A Warrior’s Tale

(an Argonne incident)

Gramps Wilbur was one of those veterans
who’d served and paid his dues in World War One;
one day I listened to his anecdotes
about his fight against the doggone Hun.

There was one battle ending in a draw
that cost the lives of some one-hundred men;
they fell to bullets and the bayonets
before the gruesome day was done.

And when the firing ceased, lost in a zigzag trench
that led straight to the stubborn Hun,
Gramps picked up some odds amidst debris,
gazed at the dead of battle not yet won.

Then, where the trench made one sharp turn--
he saw the youthful German standing there; but
beneath his huge coal bucket helmet was
a face as starved as must have been his gut.

They stared at one another, both in shock,
and neither thought to raise his gun;
each soldier briefly stood in stunned surprise--
then bolted—two true rabbits on the run.

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Structured: Western
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this as a true story. I have spoken with some of those WWI Vets and quite a few of those involved in the 2nd WW and there are many stories of such happenings. Nothing to crit. ~ Geezer.

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a short month later he was on a boat bound for treatment in England, where he left an amputated leg. He continued dairy-farming in Wisconsin and lived to be a very old one-legged man. Jerry

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