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want to dance tonight

The night is still young
where are my lovers

sleeping ere the night
they have to keep awake


dance all night with their mates
as I harshly sing

sing in tunes unknown
my words like beads strewn

as in an abacus
you know what is tis

no! sad you have so far grown
sadly but gladly unknown...

Come along now
dance with me....

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I'm no expert but at least to me this is excellent. really liked the line "sing in tunes unknown". I might have to steal it one day because it could fit so many meanings........stan

you are my master
all what you have taught is yours
no stealing
'tis your right
I withdraw in your favour
enjoy my poetic flavour '
tis for all for free

author comment

ur a lover
so am I
I have observed
most poets, lovers are Texainians
and here come you

compose free verse
which is of poetic terse
and do not mind
read others,
have all in mind

answer each one who
comments on thine
then only you will be fine

so i will now share with you
my Masters
he said in all his life he had known


ere he died

Of other kinds I have been in search
but old as I now am
still lie nude in lurch
on top of trees I perch

author comment

Good two liners Lovedly...


raj (sublime_ocean)

raj_oceanic _sublimic_indianic

author comment

looking for love in all the wrong places! Love lies not only between the thighs! Nor in the heart or the brain! Love is an essence that is distilled from the emotions that make up all our longings and when you get it, it is the most sweetest thing in the world and if you are smart, you will never let it go! Keep looking! ~ Gee.

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my mind is dwarfed
O whats love I forgot
came across wrong ones
in search of pots and poles
said Freud said so

hence from here
to find love
where do I go
Dear poet do let me know

Yours Loved asks so
sex you don't know
but AM I glad
you read me so
I am of mind lake like slow

author comment

I was extremely lucky to come across the right person at the right time! I cannot tell you how to find love! It takes two people to make it work. I do know how to increase the chances of finding the person that you can love and be loved by though. Look in the places that give you pleasure. If it be a church, a certain group of friends or something that continually gives you pleasure, then there must be someone else there that finds the same pleasure. A good start! Sex is a nice addition to any relationship, but you can't stay in bed all the time. Kinda like the old thing with working in an ice-cream shop, I don't know about these days, but I know back in my time, they would tell you, go ahead, be reasonable, but eat whatever you want. Soon you don't want it so much anymore! You learn to be discerning and pick a couple of flavors that really appeal to you and even then, you don't want them all the time! You start craving a real meal! My wife and I don't share the same passion for all the things in our lives, but we do support each other in the other's endeavors and like spending time together. We don't always agree with the other's opinions, but respect them and the right to hold them. If anyone thinks that the ideal love is that their partner always agrees with them, loves to do all the same things that the other loves to do and just is a mirror-image of themselves, just look in that mirror and guess who you see? Examine who you are. Are you ready for the sight of your mate not at their best because they are sick or tired from the day's duties? If they are too tired to cook or clean up after themselves will you do it for them? Do you love them enough to carry them through sickness and health, 'till death do you part? That's love! Many people never find love as described and are willing to settle for something else. Somewhere along the line, sometimes they find; "You know, this ain't so bad, I really like this enough to stick around". Hope I've been helpful and wish you all the best in finding a love like I have found.
` Gee.

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They are a vital part of our community!
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Dear Friend
we all are lined up in Q
your message of love is wonderful
after a vast experience .

You have been so kind
to take off so much time
for a Loved (ly )
in search

May I have your permission
to convert your DIRECTIONS

in pure simple verse my style
But i shall show it to you
mention your name
give all credit to you too
for teaching me how to love
as you say
I don;\'t do
nor KNOW how to

In advance
Thank you

author comment

Unrequited love

Sad she leaves you in such a stage of frenzy
satisfying lust is a gift god given
all can't relish it
but take care
when you love next time see..
inside out
as a guy just wrote to me
see you need love
I found it after three
the ones unaccounted were so many...
that I now feel love lies within us
as answer wanting man to burst.....
as he lusts
and a woman cannot see...
what love really is
Divinity if you please
see her inside out as a guy just wrote to me
see you need love
don’t all of we!

author comment

welcome to any and all ideas you get from any exchange with me! I am more than happy to tell you how I found love in hopes that you might find it too! Everyone deserves to be happy, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to try to make things happen. ~ Good luck on your quest for love! ~ Gee.

Please acknowledge critique and comments.
They are a vital part of our community!
Critique or comment today!

Some times I want to compose words off the Thesaurus and words coined by me... like 'twas Shakespeare come alive... but the daunting wilderness forbids me dare you ever try and say could perhaps score far above.... but you may...

but who knows
who would or could
I want words to flow off my pen
like does the Niagara off the Falls
along the Thames.....Hudson.... Mississippi...Nile ..Amazon...
poets walk
in search
yet find me not in lurch

who was
the one,
Time has since buried
so will it be
one day
some day

now or later may
but I will be far
from the fleeting wilderness
merged with time.

NOW I compose exclusive poetry
for poets like ye

author comment

come over

author comment
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