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A breakfast of yogurt, honey and tea
On colorful carpets in a stylish yurt.
Yesterday, clouds from a window seat;
But today the gorgeous Gobi Desert
Where wild camels are known to be.

Feeling the wind of Asia in the open jeep
Cooled from the far Himalayan peaks,
We hear the honking calls of the pack
Rising on the dune in single file, gliding
On the silken sands and leaving tracks
At the edge of a white misted sky.

For this is the moment of my disbelief!
At last I can sleep inside my dreams-
O how we schemed and saved for years
To take this photograph to frame, to share..

"Then a phone makes its discourteous sound;
Obediently the coffee table book
Is lifted off my knees
And rested flatly on the ground.
I use my glasses to save the place,
Not needed on my changing face."

Last few words: 
When inward events or experiences occur with a high amplitude of energy, it causes our brain to believe our future has already happened, thereby changing our neuro-circuitry by thought alone. Dr. Joe Dispenza /// Last stanza should be in italics, not possible on this site.
Editing stage: 


defining a deep and engaging reverie, nostalgic for someplace never having been
yet feels so real, mind-blowing and enlivening

nicely framed, and executed
I liked the read
one that what camel language is called?


really well executed. Fabulous description.
I think you caught the flavour of the real thing so well and then led us back to reality.
I like the contrast between the two.
Although I usually find the return to reality a bit sad.

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This is an impressive write sir .

Dreamland & reality. Nice piece teacher

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