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It's 2021 and Corona Virus is still here,
No one knows when the coast will be clear.

You notice you have no sense of taste or smell,
As Covid-19 rings in your head like a bell.

A low-grade fever a slight sense of chills,
Leaves you feeling a little green around the gills.

The reason you're not dying, or flat on your back,
You had the vaccine to counter the attack.

Still, you ponder, will it kill me now that I crossed its path,
You can feel it wanting to unleash its wrath.

Caution, you don't want to get someone sick,
Go get the vaccine it's just a little pin-prick.

Some folks doubt they don't take it serious,
They walk and act like they are fearless.

No one knows who will live or who will die,
Toilet paper and cleaning products in short supply.

They say it has spread to every corner of the world,
All are at risk young, old, man, woman, boy or girl.

It is killing people who are healthy as a horse,
They say it won't go away until it runs its course.

The survivors scream it's real this is no joke,
It's worse if your old and you smoke.

Still, they refuse to head the warning,
Until they stand at a grave in tears of mourning.


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you have covered just about every reason to get vaccinated, but there will always be those that are fearless [and stupid].
That's the thing about the human race; we are not able to process the fact that we could be wrong, and others might be right!
Once we get the idea in our mind that this is the way, we find it very hard to change our minds. Nice job in pointing it out, but as you and I know, it won't change [their] mind!
~ Geezer.

It seems that the days and hours that people
are available for chatroom are staggered and
not a good match for most everyone. How about
if everyone just shows up at the door, whenever
they have a few free minutes?

We can thank communist China for this and the dem party for turning it into disease feared far beyond its ability to do harm.I have been vaccinated but not out of fear of covid. I did it because my oldest son was worrying himself that I might catch it and die. Look for the dem party to try and keep the panic going so they can scream for mass mail in voting again this fall so they can cheat again this fall

5.48 million deaths so far word wide !,,,, not very harmful then?

than 2% mortality rate and the CDC just admitted that even this low rate was inflated as 75% of deaths were in people with 4 or more morality factors. And now the omicron variant which last I read is not as bad as most flus. Compare with polio and the percentage who died from it and it's not that bad.

Over 5 million dead worldwide (that includes over 870,000 deaths in the USA alone and over 150,000 in the UK to quote our two nations). Millions of families have been devastated because of the death of a loved one to a very nasty disease. Economies have been crippled, hundreds of thousands have lost their livelihood and many nations' health services have been brought to their knees.

And "it's not that bad"????

NB. This is NOT the time to make party political points.

Attempting to blame the country where the outbreak started is not rational. A bit like blaming Africans for AIDS.

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