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vast endless brave

you the heart that never dove
but rose upon the winds you strove
your airy laugh and dark storm face
the fancy airs
your pretty lace

how you chose and chose
the wary dark
you fought to tame
carve in your name
on the hearty bark
with your sharpened wit
and hasty lark

the lashes dark
and vintage hue
the iris pools
whose gaze you parked

i'm in the crowds
and on the roll
my bitterness
extravagant and droll

you sigh and try
beneath the depths
and from the heights
you've climbed
and owned

your faithful love
you've placed on
like a patch your color

now faded leaning
on my walks
i hear your happiness
in talks
the jacket worn
the faded jade
the haughtiness
my ego loaned

and still the gleam
like a beacon borne
beneath the violet
edge this eve'
you light the dusk
and know

that wandering
i shall
but never

Editing stage: 


If only she would read this, it is beaut,
the dreamscape of a woman held within your gaze,
A staggering thought trail that leads to your soul.
You let us see her there in colourful hues
A soul to keep and not misuse.
Is this a memory I hear as I read the words.
Thinking of things past I will not disturb,
Go well young wolf and hold to your thoughts
This vision as I do with mine,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

and forecast......i remember the women telling me that they give.."the look"
im sure its passed mother would fun it...she was an interesting
role model for all my doomed relationships along the way to the grave it looks
..for be it ..i would have it no other way......a fine gathering if you ask me..

like mary read on her Queen Annes Revenge!

and avid man about town i find the many young and old...always a charmer but
never charmed....there is a difference.....i like my freedom....but i like that draw
and to be honest....the attention for both audience and magician..male and female
for the moves of human social...intersonal and intimate interactions....its nice
first to be able to notice it...and to hone it so its not a creative force that overwhelms
and to be what it is.....just a flash.... depth....never tiring...
although at fifty i think im very old for this...

thank you!

author comment

she still remains ...
sealed in the window of my eye

I can neither open nor close
she simmers from within to glow
she wants me to know
that without her charm
I cannot grow
so she continues to show
the shades of lipsticks she adorns
so often changes my mind
to be taken
lest I yield to someone else's

she beguiles my imagination

is beguiles....
the right word here
I wonder...

because its an unusual thing in a descript
and i love that....its like a treasure
and a trinket

i love the work that beguiles does..
its like a sigh..a groan..
a heavy emote..
a ponderance
like a head on a wrist..
the window chase
to the horizon
the lawn
the sprinkler
the rooftops

havent heard it in ages

its great to hear it again!

author comment

I too looked up the dictionary
well thanks for upholding it!

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